DMCWORLD checks in with the UK producer who continues his assault on the world’s dancefloors with new release ‘Amnesia’…



Hey Jacob! Thank you for taking time to talk to us. How is everything?.

Hey, I’m good thanks! Just been busy in the studio working on some new music.

‘Amnesia’ is another soaring deep house banger from you. What was the inspiration behind the song? What was the creative process like?

I’m really happy with how this song turned out. My manager introduced me and James Newman. He had some songs he was working on, and this vocal really stood out to me. I have 2 or 3 different versions but the piano house vibe felt the best so we went with this!

The song evokes the nostalgia of 90s club/house music. What were some of your favourite tracks and producers from that era?

I love 90’s house music. It’s always been such an influence to me. They weren’t really house but The Prodigy where a really big influence when I was a kid. Their energy and sound was so exciting.

James Newman is the vocalist singing on the track. Many industry insiders know he has built up an excellent CV as a songwriter working with so many artists. Why did you decide to keep his vocals as opposed to enlisting someone with a higher profile?

He’s an amazing singer and writer. His vocals sound amazing on this record so for me there was no need to get someone else to re record it. To be honest we could have looked around but I don’t think many people would have sounded better than he did.

James’ vocals undeniably are highlight of the track. Do you think this is the beginning of James stepping out of the shadows and taking centre stage as an artist in the vein of his brother?

Yeah definitely, he is a massive talent! He has already smashed it with writing song’s for other people so I’m sure he will be a successful solo artist too.

Similar to Becky Hill who featured on your last single ‘Only Love’, James’ voice has a very soulful quality. What traits or characteristics do you look for when deciding who will provide the vocals on your tracks?

I love powerful voices that cut through the instrumental’s I make. Both those vocalists have such unique and distinct voices it just make’s your record sound 100 times better. The vocalist can make or break your track, you could have the best top line in the world, but if they can’t sing it will sound s***!

It’s been four years since you released an EP. Are you ambivalent towards releasing more of full-length project as opposed to a run of singles?

I think a run of singles is more the focus now. The market has shifted and moved on since I last did an EP and I’m not sure if there’s much point for an artist like me to make an EP or album right now. Maybe in the future I will though!

You’ve been commissioned to remix music for some high-profile artists such as Calvin Harris, Rihanna and Tinie Tempah. What artists would you like to remix in the future?

Chemical Brothers or Basement Jaxx!

There’s a growing trend in DJ/Producer’s creating their own record labels and avenues to release and distribute their own music. Is this something you would consider for the future?

Yeah I know a lot of people doing it at the moment. I think it’s a good idea if you have the right team of people helping you. Maybe in the future I will, but for now I want to focus on the music.

What can your fans look forward to for the rest of the year and 2019?

I’ve been working on more singles so expect more music this year and next. I might drop some club records in between my radio tracks next year too!