Jaguar Skills

Massive new album from the mash up man in the mask

Jags welcome back to DMCWORLD young man. A brand new mix album this week ‘Jaguar Skills & His Amazing Friends Vol 1’ – talk us through this superb release…

“It’s a mix-mash-up album of sorts. I’ve taken a load of parts to a bunch of tunes – and re-arranged them with a load of production – to basically – make a load of new tunes. It’s a little more hardcore than my last album – it kinda represents my DJ sets a little more. And course it moves through a lot of different tempos and styles. I’ve made it a little more like my radio mixes – weird-ass samples and a few funny voice overs in there too. Oh – and there’s a comic book in the CD package that I did too…OH! And there’s another CD in there with four great mini mixes from my buddies Doorly, DJ@WAR, Calvertron and Murkage. It’s pretty dope. And it’s number 2 in the itunes dance chart right now…which I’m amazed with. So yeah, I’m very pleased with it.”

More exciting news from the most mysterious man in dance music comes in the form of a huge UK Tour kicking off on October 12th in Oxford, what can we expect from a night in front of the Skills this Autumn…?

“I’m taking the album out on the road. So I’m spinning most of that in the set. I’ve made some killer re-edits of the tracks, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how they go down. Plus I’m taking a load of peeps with me too. DJ@WAR, Calvertron, B-Traits, Adam F, Porter Robinson and I few more, I think. It’s gonna be great. And it’s gonna sell out too. What more can I ask for, eh?”

Another brilliant summer season rocking the UK festival scene, some major events you have smashed. Tell us about some of the highlights…

“Man, all of the festivals have been just great. Camp Bestival was super fun. I took my little ninja son there. It was the first time he’s seen Daddy DJ. That was nice. But, as for mental, tear up shit – Leads & Reading were nutty. Really crazy. Check online for the set – they went fucking nuts!”

We are all looking forward to another big Bestival where you will be hosting the Bollywood Tent – this year’s theme is wildlife, what are you planning costume wise this year?

“A Jaguar.”

David Rodigan. Antigua. One on one with Poison Dart.
How sick was that? He’s the man…

“Isn’t he! He’s an inspiration to ALL DJ’s. My dad and him were buddies – I’ve learnt a lot from Rodigan.”

It’s your birthday. Who are the 5 celebrities dead or alive you invite – and what 1 DJ do you ask to play at the after party?

Vanessa Del Rio
Bruce Lee
Derren Brown
Pru – from Great British Menu
Sue Perkins
Joe Cornish

“Weird, I know – but it would be interesting for sure…”

Best moment in Ibiza 2012…

“I know it’s a rubbish answer Dan – but just being asked to DJ there – at Space – as a resident – was good enough for me! Ha! It’s been wicked. I’ve played a load of tunes that I don’t normally spin – and I’ve loved it. I’ve been playing a load of new progressive house and some wicked house/disco classics till the early morning. Long mixes – great tunes – you can’t go wrong. It’s kinda taken me back to when I started DJing. I pretty much started in Ibiza at Pacha with Jade Jagger and peeps. I would spin loads of disco and stuff – it’s been great this year. Plus I’m doing the closing party with Fatboy Slim at Ushuaïa – that’s gonna be fly!!!”

Away from Ibiza and the UK – what has been the best club event around the globe you have starred at this year?

“I did a US tour at the start of the year – plus I travelled all around the Far East too. I did this gig in Cambodia – which was mental. It was like the Canteen in Starwars. Super freaky! But I guess, my fav place, is Japan. Osaka. Man, that place is just incredible. The food is incredible and so are the people. I love Japan.”

Craziest request from a clubber you have ever had whilst DJing?

“Humm? To be honest. I can’t remember. Since I’ve been wearing the mask – not many people ask for stuff. He kinda freaks them out, I think. Someone did try and rip my mask off in Hong Kong, tho. I clocked him one, ninja style, before he managed to pull the thing off. I felt a bit like Bruce Lee.”

As a Ninja, what event at The Olympics did you fancy having a go at?

“Do they have the long distance throwing star battle, anymore? I didn’t see it this year….”

Cheesiest record you have found yourself singing along to in the car this summer?

“I am – truth be told – a Cheese Master. I love listening to it and eating it. I’m a big 80’s cheese ball. So basically anything 80s – I’m down with. The tune that I think has the correct balance of cheese to groove – is the theme tune to Fame (The TV Series). It’s embarrassing and euphoric at the same time. It’s pretty fucking cheesy. But classic. But we both know that, right?”

Heh heh. Yes we do. Bring on the new film being made! And finally, are there any further studio projects in the offing for later this year?

“Just finishing a mix CD for OZ – right now. Have to hand it in tomorrow. It sounds super-fresh. I’m fucking around with a lot of Electro in this one. Pretty excited about this one. And – and I always say this – I NEED TO MAKE A PRODUCTION ALBUM – one day. I’ve worked on a bunch of track with different producers. Everytune is so different – I might think about putting out some of it under a different name. Plus of course there’s my BBC mixes that I do everyweek. Won’t ever stop doing those! Thanks DMC!!!! Always there for the ninja! So until next time……I gotta gooooOOOO!!!! HoooOOOOOO!!!!”

Video mini-mix

The tour in full…

Fri 12 October
Oxford O2 Academy
(Adam F, Calvertron, DJ@War)

Sat 13 October
London HMV Forum
(Hadouken, Calvertron, B.Traits, DJ@War)

Fri 19 October
Nottingham Stealth

Sat 20 October
Guernsey Fusion

Fri 26 October
Manchester Sankeys
(Porter Robinson, Calvertron, DJ@War)

Sat 27 October
Sheffield Plug

Fri 02 November
Leicester Bunker

Sat 03 November
Cardiff Glam

Fri 9 November
Southampton Junk

Sat 10 November
Bristol O2 Academy
(Hadouken, Adam F, DJ@War)