Boom! Massive new tune ‘Noxu’ from one of Australia’s most exciting new producers

Interview : Dan Prince

Welcome to DMCWORLD dude, where in the world are you right now? 

“Thanks for having me, it’s a real pleasure. I am actually at my girlfriend’s place right now in Melbourne, Australia.”

Well you have done it again, providing the world’s dancefloors with another mighty release, this time around your collaboration with Ivan Gough ‘Noxu’ swinging our way on Size Records. Talk us through the tune…

“Ivan and myself have been working quite closely in the studio since we hooked up on ‘Kukatu’ about 10 months ago. 3 or 4 months ago I had an idea for a drop and I showed Ivan, he loved it and we decided to work on it together. I felt like I needed to bring baselines back to the scene after all the tracks with big kick drums. Ivan bought his years of experience in and came up with an old school trance inspired “call and response” breakdown concept. It took some time to perfect but I am really happy how it turned out! We finished the record in a month or so and sent it to Steve Angello. He really liked it and we worked on a co-release between Size and Neon Records‎.”

Right then before we go any further we want to investigate a quote from Ivan that he has come out with recently stating that you are “going to be the next superstar in dance music”. What praise! You have a fine track record with Ivan in the studio and you obviously work well together, what did you make of that quote when you heard it?

“It’s quite humbling to hear that sort of thing; it’s hard to respond to it. To me I just take it as a hint I’m going in the right direction, so will keep my head down and work hard in the studio everyday.”

How do you compliment each other in the studio, who excels where?

“It’s a great system we have going. I do a lot of the programming because I can sketch down ideas really quickly; Ivan comes up with some really different ideas from his extensive producer background. He is also a great mixing engineer so we can really make some great records quickly. He has really taken me under his wing and taught me some mixing skills and concepts. Mind you I have taught him a thing or two! Haha!”

Also out right now is your bootleg of Tiesto’s ‘Lethal Industry’ a track that has been around for a while and really tearing it up. What is the history of the track…

“I started this track as an original with one of my good friends MITS about 18 months ago. We just couldn’t quite nail the full track but loved the reaction it got when we played test version out. So we made into a bootleg of ‘Lethal Industry’ and sent it too a select few friends. I think it started to get noticed and people finally figured out that we did the bootleg and so many fans were asking for it. We finally decided to release it about a month ago.”

What is the current top 10 you are spinning?

1. Michael Brun – Antares

2. Stadium X ft. Taylr Renee – Howl At The Moon 

3. R3hab & Lucky Date – Rip It Up (Nicky Romero Edit)

4. Nicky Romero & SJRM – S.O.T.U.

5. Steve Angello – Teasing Mr Charlie (Sebjak and Tony Senghore Remix)

6. Deniz Koyu – Ruby

7. Icona Pop – All Night (Kryder Remix)

8. Dannic – Lion

9. Tujamo – Hey Mister

10. Merk & Kremont vs. Amersy – Charger

You recently bigged up Laidback Luke claiming he is one of your biggest inspirations…what is it about his skills you rate?

“I love his creativeness in his DJ sets and his production. He was one of the artists that inspired me to make music about 7 years ago. I love his style and his willingness to give back to upcoming producers.”

Tell us about your studio set up…

“Very simple. A desktop PC running FL Studio in my studio, I also use some KRK VXT8 for monitoring. I use my Macbook running bootcamp to sketch ideas down on the road.”

Loved your 5 tips on producing recently…for those of our readers who didn’t catch it, please give us a few words on each of your helpful suggestions…

Less is more

“Make sure you aren’t adding in elements for the sake of it; pick fewer elements and make them work!

Mastering won’t fix anything

A lot of times I hear people say ‘it’s unmastered’ as an excuse for a poor mix. Make sure your mix is rocking and your master will be even better! Your master will only be as good as your mix

Keep your mix quiet

Just an idea for ear fatigue. You can produce longer keeping it quiet!

You can also fool yourself with loudness into thinking something is good.

Forget the rules

If it sounds good, it is good! (Most of the time).

Don’t use the same sounds as everyone else

To get noticed, you need to be different. It’s no use trying to emulate another produces sound, Create your own!”

Your tunes always get supported by the superstar producers of clubland. Who’s name do you always check to see if they are when you have a record out and gaining support…? 

“Steve Angello and Hardwell. If they are playing my tracks I think it means I’m doing the right things.”

What is coming out next from you studio wise…?

“Aiming for 2 or 3 solo records this year. One is pretty much done so a few more to go! Really aiming to bring back so grooves and some vibes from 2008-2009 house music. Some more collabs should be coming also.” 

Where are some of the clubs you love hitting down under at the moment?

“The MET in Brisbane is really cool! Poison Apple in Melbourne is my favourite club in Melbourne.”

Not many people know this, but Jebu is really good at…


Everyone has one, what is your guilty pleasure song, the tune you secretly love but shouldn’t?

“Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up. So good.”

Aspirations for 2014?

“To bring back the feeling of house music.”

And finally, gotta ask! Did you ever find your USBS that was stolen from you whilst you were DJing on Christmas Eve?!?!

“Nope haha! I consider it as a Christmas present to who ever took it. They surely got coal from Santa…”