Jozef K is synonymous with Tribal Sessions and Sankeys, two globally acclaimed club brands he plays with around the world. A raw talent who knows how to lay down raved up house and tech, he also produces for the likes of Skint, Chiwax and Acid Test and does so form the heart. An award wining selector and regular Radio 1 guest who counts Pete Tong as a fan, he is right at the heart for the underground’s scene right now. This summer he plays for Magna Carta and Faction and here we speak to him about this, get some tips for anyone heading to Ibiza and ask about why he loves the island so much…


Words by Jamie Milton
Hey Josef welcome to DMCWORLD. How’s it hanging?

Easy DMCWORLD… I’m good, aside from this hangover! Looking forward to Ibiza kicking in…

You just played China – what was that like?

Fucking ace, that was my 3rd tour and i’m going back in November for my biggest one yet! I love Shanghai, it’s so exciting and expansive, there is so much amazing history, and everything is so cheap it feels like it is free. Partying/clubbing wise it’s different, it’s an intangible difference, hard to put it into words but it’s definitely not the same as playing in the UK! I find the Chinese crowds are quite partial to a 303 line too, which is fine by me!

You are closely associated with Sankeys – what’s it like working with them?

It’s awesome, I used to go to Sankeys as a youth a lot and to go from being a regular clubber to having a residency in Ibiza and playing across the world for them is like a dream come true. Having the link is important for me in that i’ve been resident for them for 8 years, it’s my regular gaff! Plus it is important to play in Ibiza too for gigs all year round, there is a lot of focus on the island and it’s really beneficial profile-wise to be out there, promoters catching your name etc. So promoters if you’re reading this take note my name is Jozef K and I’m here to stay. I’m messing hahahaha, please don’t use this as the tagline!

They have just thrown a party in the unlikely space of Torquay – what’s it like? Are the people as knowledgeable there as anywhere?

Ah that was just a one off show as far as I am aware – though it could be a club I’m not up to speed on that side of things, I just play when I am booked haha. The venue itself was wicked! Really cool place with a sweet system and an old school hacienda style lighting rig! Nah I don’t think they were quite as educated musically as some places I have played, but they were up for a rave so who gives a fuck?

You play for Magna Carta x Factor this summer – how do you like playing Ibiza?

I actually used to live with Joe Jackson who runs Magna a couple of seasons back. Love it, every kids dream is to play Ibiza right? I guess mine moved to slightly more underground places as my taste developed, however it is always going to have a place in my heart… it’s Ibiza!

What makes it special, can you remember the first time you went and why you liked it so much?

The first time I came to Ibiza, I went to Amnesia and got absolutely brain boxed to Sven Vath, I was in my element. I liked being surrounded by all the different cultures and nationalities for the first time, was a game changer.

Have you got any tips and tricks or insider knowledge you can share about great beaches or places to visit or eat for anyone coming over?

Fish Shack! Best place! Paella on the port in Ibiza town. Little tip, get the aqua bus from Playa D’en Bossa to Ibiza Town, it’s 3 euro and you get the best view of Dalt Villa! Sometimes I go on it and come back, just for the ride!

And musically what should people expect? Do you pack or plan anything special for each gig? 

I play what I see, I have music from all subgenres of house, spanning across the eras and try and make it match the moment in front of me as best I can. I do like playing some old school Chicago slammers though, that makes me happy.

What else you got coming up/are you working on?

Making so many tracks at the moment! I’ve finished an album of house, jungle and ambient. Making some house stuff too, really found my feet production wise at the minute (finally!).

What are your top opening and closing set tunes right now and why?
Opening tune is the acapella version of Blaze’s Lovelee Dae, I love playing that first, gets the crowd going a bit daft waiting for the kick! Closing… hmmm… let me think… last time I ended the night I played Let Me Be Your Fantasy – Baby D so I will say that, even though it’s a bit standard and I like to take risks!
Catch Jozef K in Ibiza at Magna Carta x Faction on July 6th and August 17th at Sankeys…