Juliet Fox

Seducing global dance arenas with her distinctive dark and driving grooves, it’s Juliet Fox and we love her! Ratha Gud grabs a chat with the Tech House wonder woman…


Hi Juliet, where are you in the world right now?

I am actually back in Berlin, where I now live after moving from London.

What was the first piece of music you heard today?

It was actually the final version on a remix, for one of my upcoming releases on My Favourite Freaks.

How would you describe your sound?

Dark, but driving house and techno.

What first turned you on to electronic music?

I actually discovered electronic music when I was 12, listening to underground dance music radio stations. From that age I started making up my own mix-tapes and even recording my own voice and making up my own rap songs. If only I could find those tapes now, that would be a good laugh! ha

You’ve just made a remix of M.in’s new single ‘Mixer’ for Lauter Unfug, tell us about the release?

I wanted to make a driving house track with this remix, and added in quite a few of my own elements. Its got a nice bouncy groove to it and complements M.in’s original well I think J.

You’ve released a lot of music on different labels from Cajual, Toolroom and Love & Other as an artist, do you feel it important to cast the net far and wide releasing with many labels?

I think its important to not release on too many labels, or to just put your music out anywhere or for the sake of it. It’s nice to be a part of a label that supports you back, and where you can become part of a ‘label family’ – and in turn play at their parties or represent the label/brand.

How do you set about writing tracks and where do you get your inspiration from?

Ideas just pop into my head most the time, especially lyrics (which I use my i-Phone voice memo to record into). But a lot of it is from going out to clubs and just really enjoying the music and dancing. Then letting it all come together in the studio and seeing what I can express in there.

A busy girl, you’re also a radio presenter, how did you get into it and do you see it as an important thing to be doing as part of your musical career development?

I actually started off as a radio presenter back in Adelaide Australia where I worked with two other guys on a morning chat show from 6-9am every Friday. I loved it, and it really taught me a lot and about music. We used to have guest DJs in for the last half hour of the show which is what then got me into DJing myself, and also gave me the opportunity to DJ at the parties the radio station put on around town and in clubs.

Which do you prefer  – DJ gigs, producing in the studio or presenting a radio show?

I must say I love them all on a different level, and its great that I can combine them all together. Radio presenting you need to really listen and engage with an audience, with DJing you need to see, and feel the crowd. Where as music production is just you and the hardware and you can lock yourself away and express in anyway you feel.

Being a woman working in a male dominated music industry, what sort of obstacles do you come up against and how do you overcome them?

No matter the industry, most I find are male dominated. But in the music industry more and more women are becoming very successful, and well respected. I don’t really see this as an issue that much anymore, but there was a time a few years back that I felt that I had to prove my self also double being a female, as every move or mix was analysed. At the same time I think we are also provided with some extra opportunities as there are less females in the industry. For me though its great to have so many amazing female DJ/Producers/Managers/Agents as friends now and its great because we all support each other where ever we can.

What are your proudest moments?

It would have to be playing at EDC Vegas last year, Green Valley in Brazil this year. As well as my recent collaborations with Coyu and Matt Sassari. Also moving to Berlin and being booked to play in some of the legendary clubs on a regular basis.

You are always moving house!

Ha! Well I actually moved to Ibiza four years ago, then London for two years and I have now been in Berlin for almost a year. My move from Australia was for the music, as they are quite behind, or were. The underground scene is definitely improving, and getting better and better each time I tour back. But my main move even from London to Berlin was to really delve into the techno, and clubbing culture that it offers.

Finally what’s coming next from Juliet, any plans for an album?

No album yet..but my next release is a remix of M.in’s track – ‘Mixer’ which is coming out on Lauter Unfug on the 24th of October along with a remix from Rich Wakley. I recently had two collaboration EP’s, one with Coyu on Suara, and the other with Matt Sassari on Set About which both feature my vocal in the tracks. I also have another two remixes coming out this year, one for Gallya on Set About, and one for Steve Mulder on an LA label called Minimal Sessions. As well and an EP with my good friend Derek Marin soon to be released on My Favourite Freaks, which includes a remix from Vonda7 and Alexander Aurel.  So make sure you check all of these out and thanks for taking the time to interview me.

M.in ‘Mixer EP’ including Juliet Fox and Ric h Wakley remixes will be released on October 24th 2016 On Lauter Unfug