Kate Ozz

Russian born, Miami based Kate Ozz has made a huge impact for starting her early music career in a year. Her refined musical skillset has not gone unnoticed by some of the scene’s most established players, with labels including Disco Halal, Selador Recordings, Frau Blau Music and Bar 25. We caught up with the rising DJ/producer and spoke about her new single on Bar 25, inspirations and what’s in the pipeline.

Kate Ozz - Infinity and Beyond (Original Mix) [BAR25-162]


Hi Kate, a huge welcome to DMC. Tell us about your new single ‘Infinity and Beyond’ on Bar 25, how did this track come together for you? 

‘Infinity and Beyond’ is my debut track with ‘Bar 25’ and is one of my favorite labels in the last years. It’s a kind of label that I found myself getting more and more into their sound without even knowing that the tracks I loved and played were released there. ‘Infinity and Beyond’ itself has a relentless groove and hypnotic vibes. In the studio I felt it was a journey in the making…and when I tested it on the crowd, I saw that the people on the dance floor react on the same way as I do and so the name came from that.

I’m excited about this first one with ‘Bar 25’, as it already created a continuity and more tracks of mine will be released there in the coming months.

You kickstarted your DJ career only around a year ago, and achieved some respected signings Disco Halal, Frau Blau and more. What has been key to your workflow when writing? 

The key for me is persistence. I wake up every day knowing it’s a working day. I have my dreams; I have my goals and I’m chasing them. I’m lucky to have my friends and family supporting me. I think I arrived ready. Been working on the music for years and I created a team around me, so I can stay focused on my passion, which is creating and putting the music and playing it to the people on the dance floor.

You have collaborated with Moscoman and Komilev on your release ‘Second Serve’, what was it like to work with these artists?

First of all Moscoman is my mentor and my dear friend. It’s always a pleasure working and creating music with him and Komilev, whom I respect and admire as artists. I really like the magic that happens when you collaborate with such talented musicians.

As a DJ and producer, what inspires you?

I am crazy about my work and music. When you love what you do, it gives you so much energy and I am happily share it with people. Besides from music, I am practicing yoga and meditations a lot. I also like extreme sports as wake boarding, sport cars racing, sky diving…

Last year saw you play recognised shows in Miami including for Art with Me and Beatport x Ballentine – when DJ’ing what components make your live set happen?

I would say an exceptional team working with you is one of the main keys of live set happen amazingly. When you come to work, and you know you’re interacting with professionals in this field and you can relax and just do your work. Putting tunes together and creating unique moments with people.

What most important lessons have you learned since starting in music?

Believe in yourself and your talent and passion and never give up. Never stop moving forward and striving for the better, educate yourself and learn something new every day.

Are there any artists that you’re particularly inspired by at the moment? 

It’s a lot of great musicians now who inspire me. But if you want just one at this specific moment – I would say DJ Duo Tale of Us. In every set I hear of them I’ll always find something to be inspired by…

What else can we expect in the coming months for Kate Ozz? 

I have upcoming releases with Bar25 record label. Also, I have a few great remixes on the way. I am picking up a few shows over Spring and Summer and working on new productions.

Lastly, what are the big 5 tunes you can share with our readers for this weekend… 

Tatami (Argy) Running ft. Meg Myers

Infinity and Beyond (Kate Ozz)

Before (Pablo Fierro)

Rescue (New Spectrum)