Kings of Tomorrow

Rivera returns – as always his timing is perfect

Mr Sandy Rivera, welcome back to DMCWORLD, always a pleasure. A magnificent new tune wowing dance floors all over the world, ‘Show Me’ feat. Elzi Hall coming out on Defected. The tune is perfect for Ibiza and is getting huge support as it is the perfect break from all the current techno cheese around, was this record made with Ibiza in mind?

The tune was made back in 2006, but at that time deep house wasn’t at its peak and the labels were after something different. I was holding back the track. Now this kind of vibe is picking up again, so it seemed right to put it onto the test. People are considering this as a comeback, but I was always there. We all know that trends have a certain rotation – everything comes back. You have to keep some things in the shade till the preferred trends come back again.”

What are the plans for Ibiza, will you be moving out there for the summer and where will you be playing?

I will move there for one night for Defected In The House party at Pacha Ibiza and then move out the very next day!”

Do you think the island is in danger of going into meltdown with too many big parties, a new festival and door prices going throughout the roof?

Never really put my mind into it…but as long as people pay big prices without thinking or complaining about it – everything will stay as it is. I think that even if there would be some kind of meltdown, Ibiza will still stay as a hotspot for summer, while businesses will have to adapt.”

Is there a tune can’t you wait to spin in Ibiza this summer?

“I really have no clue considering most of the tunes have two week shelflife. We’ll see what kind of vibe this summer brings.”

What is the current top ten you are spinning…

Kings Of Tomorrow – Show Me feat. Elzi Hall (Original Mix)

Maya Jane Coles – Not Listening (DJ-Kicks)

Mendo, Yvan Genkins – Preacher (Original Mix)

Huxley – Let It Go (Original Mix)

Nikola Gala – Dope Beat (Original Mix)

Butch – Now You Know (Original Mix)

Maceo Plex Sex Appeal (Original)

&ME – Dios (Original Mix)

The White Lamp – It’s You (Ron Basejam Remix)

PIG & DAN, MARK REEVE, DEAN DEMANUELE – Machines (Original Mix)

What is coming next from the Rivera studio?

“I keep my studio stuff on the wraps these days, just because I prefer to get the feedback as the tracks come out. I’ve got a lot of things lined up with Defected, working with Elzi and April again, so there are some exciting things to look forward to. Blackwiz Records is also something to be considered “on the watch”.

You missed Miami WMC due to touring, what did you hear?

I’ve heard that Miami was off the hook this year with people going crazy and venues packed.”

You smashed the roof out of Air in Amsterdam on Sunday – what was that gig like?

“Playing alongside with Dimitri From Paris & Frankie Rizardo ensured a good flow for the night, another thing is… people in Holland are always going crazy on Queens Day holiday so all that was left for me to do was to give it to them. Definitely one Defected night to remember.”

What are the big outdoor festivals you will be appearing at – are you fan of festivals?

I know that I have a couple of festivals lined up for this summer season and there are a couple more being confirmed. You’ll definitely be able to catch me spinning in Lakedance (Holland). Festival or no festival – the crowd always makes the difference for me, but I’d like to try my tunes in Tomorrowland or Burning Man festivals. I heard it’s wicked down there.”

What countries have really been getting it this year, where has impressed you?

That’s a hard question…different places – different vibes. I still get impressed everywhere I go, that’s what keeps it interesting. It’s always about the changes you see in the places you revisit. Countries that seem to have a downfall of electronic music one year in a couple of years comeback with a big bang and vice versa.”

If I could change anything about myself, it would be…

If anything needs to be changed – I think about it, make my own conclusions and change. That’s the process of always keeping it on your toes. At the moment everything seems to be going as planned, so I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Tell us about a few of your classic albums sitting on your shelves…

“All my classic record collection got tossed away after a relationship ended, on the other hand it came as a blessing – now I don’t have to carry it around. The digital age has it all on the internet, although I miss some of the records that were released on white labels or secret bootlegs that I had in a form of vinyl… some of them would rock the crowd at the moment”

Which vocalist dead or alive would you like to get in the studio with?

Lana Del Rey – I would want to see how good I know my “melodine”.”

What DJs did you look up to starting out?

“All the tall ones!!”

What fellow producers from around the world are you giving high fives to at the moment?

“I think I would go with Maceo Plex, his tracks recently caught my attention.”