We check into the world of the star of Toolroom sub label Love & Other as he releases his new single and brings us an exclusive mix. With a huge 2018 under his belt thanks to his residency at Ministry of Sound and gigs all over the world, the future is looking very bright for this exciting London producer…



For those that may not know, who is Kisch and how would you describe your sound?

My Kisch project is an amalgamation of all the music I listened to as a kid. I’ve always had a deep love for a good catchy vocal, and I’m all about the hooks, so I always try and fill my music with both of those.

How did you get into producing music?

I used to be mainly a songwriter, so really it started as a way of getting my ideas down. After a while you just naturally start picking up a few tricks and after a few years I was in full production mode. I really love it now, it gives me full control over the songs I write so my releases feel like my vision.

You have a new single out now on Love & Other – Who were your biggest inspirations for the record?

It’s a more downtempo track than previous releases, I’d been listening to Black Coffee around the time I wrote the beat so I guess I’d have to say he was one. I’m also a massive Dennis Ferrer fan, I love the emotion in tracks like his London Grammar “Sights” remix and wanted to inject some of that into the new single. Syon was responsible for writing most of the vocal, he’s got a lot of old school RnB influences which brought something different to the table, and I’m pleased with how it turned out.

Talk us through your recent decision to produce a few more club related records.

I think the scene has changed a lot over the last few years. Crossover house has pushed in a much more commercial direction and I don’t feel theres that much difference between the music, so I wanted to try something a bit different. Drift is the start of a new chapter for me I think, there will be more club tunes to accompany my big vocal records.

Kisch in 5 records…

Drift (feat. Syon)

Love All Day (feat. Leela D)

Say You’re Mine (feat. Mari.M)

Closer (feat. Leela D)

Wrap Me Up (feat. Mari.M)

Any projects coming up you can tell us about, collaborations, gigs?

I’m excited to be working with Leela D and Mari.M again who sung on my biggest tunes to date. I’ve got about 5 tracks with them in demo mode at the moment so really looking forward to them seeing the light of day. I’ve also been working with promoters Summer-Ized Sessions, I host the podcast but we also run huge events and we have our biggest party this year coming on November 3rd at Steelyard in London. I can’t wait!

What kind of journey are you taking the listeners on with your new DMCWORLD mix?

The mix is definitely suited to the release, so it starts off slightly more downtempo but with some catchy hooks and grooves before picking up a bit with some peak time bangers from people like Mat.Joe and Sharam Jey. It’s quite eclectic but I think the tunes there work together. 




Mix Tracklisting…

Chris Fry – Exhale

Nice7 – No Romance (Dario D’Attis Remix)

Kisch – Drift (feat. Syon)

Tommy Vercetti – Freedom

Ant LaRock – Cherry Bomb

Ferdinand Weber – Back In The Building (Qubiko Remix)

Ben Remember – Mino

Inner City x Latroit – You Give Me That Feeling (Mat.Joe Remix)

Sharam Jey & Jean Bacarreza – Push It

Satoshi Tomiie – Bassline

Fish From Japan – Fever

Kisch – Reach (feat. Shivon Kwateng)

Danny Howells – Isolar