Following on from hard-hitting cut ‘War Is Over’, upbeat hip-hop groove ‘It Aint My Fault’ with Chali 2na, and Foreign Beggars collaboration, ‘Boom Banging’, Krafty Kuts and Dynamite MC return with full album ‘All 4 Corners’. We catch up with the pair to discuss this new project and more…


Hey guys, welcome to DMCWORLD – where do you both join us from today?

Krafty: I’m in Worthing at my new home fixing my house up gardening and decorating etc whilst working on forthcoming DJ sets for the summer with Mr Dynamite MC!

Dynamite : Home, in London.

Krafty, you did everything from trifle testing, to working in bingo halls before hitting the big time, was there ever a moment you thought that music might not be the right career path?

At first it was really tough, I started djing at a bar in Brighton every Friday for 4 hours. This was when the Big Beat scene was huge with Fatboy Slim, Jon Carter, Chemical Brothers etc. I thought I would never get a chance to spin in a big club but I started up a night called Supercharged with Skool Of Thought, set up a record label Against The Grain and suddenly after a few releases on Fatboy Slims label and Ministry Of Sound the gigs came flying in. There were times where I thought why but my love & passion for music and drive to part of something special kept me going.

Dynamite, you’ve collaborated with the likes of High Contrast, Caspa, Nestky and Andy C, how does this latest project with Krafty compare with what you’ve done in the past?

Yes. I’m fortunate to have worked with many talented people. But I treat every project with new and premier type energy. Working with Krafty on this album was the perfect chance for us to expand our range of styles.

Your first collaborative album ‘All 4 Corners’ is on the horizon, how did this two- man project come about?

Dynamite: Krafty and I first worked together on his ‘Freak Show’ album, we have history and I’m happy how we’ve grown our friendship and working relationship over the years. This project gave us the chance to offer more styles, have some cool collabs and make an overall picture rather than a quick snippet. It was a project called ‘Wicked City’ that got us working on so much new music, we got to the point where not all the tracks fitted that particular project so we said ‘let’s make an album together’ Then we started building songs and thinking about guests we’d love to work with. I’m very happy with what we’ve created.

You’ve both been touring extensively in Australia, New Zealand, and then Europe. Do you have any funny/odd tour stories to share? What was a tour highlight?

KK: Seeing a Father Christmas dancing in the streets of Edmonton in just his Santa outfit in minus 12 degrees was pretty crazy. Being at an afterparty on the Big Day Out Tour Perth Oz completely wasted in a lift with Bjork and her minder was something not to be proud of as Dom looked on embarrassingly. (Made a fool of myself) Tour highlight was playing to 40,000 in OZ & Serbia Exit Festival.

Dynamite: Big Day Out was a Festival in Australia we performed at a few years back, every show was just incredible, we had a verve remix Krafty made we used to play last with my vocals on, It’s a great memory that always stays in mind.

What is the best piece of new music you have heard since rolling out of bed?

KK: New DJ mix from Featurecast Funk and Beats mix one of my fav DJ’s always on point

Dynamite: I have a monthly radio show on Pyro radio so I’m always sourcing new music. I just found an artist called Buddy from Compton who should do big things and an artist called Miraa May from UK who has a beautiful voice.

You’ve both been in the game some time now, and the industry has changed significantly in that time, especially with the advent of streaming platforms like Spotify. Have you had to change your usual way of working to adapt to this new environment?

KK: To be honest recently yes it is really hard to keep working on a project putting money into videos, studio sessions, musicians etc to actually not know if the returns will be enough. Unless you have a major record label backing you and are earning big money on tours & shows it has definitely changed how artists release & make music. Sometimes just knocking out a quick club banger can be as successful as something that looks months to put together.

Dynamite Streaming and what not has altered the financial dynamic of the industry without question, we’re all getting micro pennies a play. But there’s no good being bitter, life is about adapting. The platform is huge now, you have the chance to reach so many more people than before. You have to look at the positives. Big songs come out all the time. Don’t be mad if you can’t make one.

What have been your career highlights to date?

KK: I have been very lucky to have so many highlights in my career like playing to 20,000 people with A.Skillz & Kurtis Blow New Years Day. The whole Big Day Out Tour with Dynamite MC, Rage Against The Machine & 40,000 people twice was incredible. Selling out Fabric for my Album launch and playing Room 1 for 4 hours was amazing. Winning best International DJ at the Australian Dance Music awards  was a pretty good achievement going against the likes of Carl Cox & Tiesto. The Exit Festival with Dynamite & 40,000 was my first huge crowd and a mad experience. Dropping Bass Phenomenon at my night in Brighton for the first time was unreal. Signing my first record deal with Ministry Of Sound was a special moment for sure.

Dynamite: Winning best MC award 2 years in a row. Winning the Mercury prize with Roni Size and the Reprazent family back in the day. Travelling the world and meeting new people from different cultures. But mostly, helping people have an amazing night. I’m in the joy business so I appreciate the joyful moments.

What is the last great…

Film you saw
KK: Star Wars Rogue One
Dynamite: The Founder. Amazing film, a history lesson and an education.

Album you checked
KK: Run The Jewels 3
Dynamite: The new Mary J Blige album. My mum bought it and borrowed it to me. Love Mary from day one.

Live gig you rocked out at
KK: The Beat & Selecter at Shepherds Bush 02
Dynamite: Last live gig I went to was Omar. At the Jazz cafe. He’s a Timeless artist.

And finally – let’s skip forward 12 months. What does Krafty Kuts and Dynamite MC want to achieve by this time next year…

KK: To keep doing what we are doing and giving a 110 % at each show. Work more on our side project Wicked City Live funk outfit. Do more tours together in OZ, Canada, Asia & USA.

Dynamite: I’m always trying to grow as person. Professionally and personally. My upcoming marriage is such a wonderful focus point for me at the moment. My music will always be part of me. I hope by this time next year ‘All 4 Corners’ will be triple platinum! (Well, you know what they say, if you don’t ask you don’t get!)
Thank you DMCWORLD!

Thanks gents!