Prolific UK producer on a massive rollercoaster ride

Welcome to DMC Towers young man. The Buzz Chart crew are jumping around their room every time your remix of VADA’s ‘Neon Lights’ comes on the office ghetto blaster. Talk us through the rework…

“I absolutely loved the original, so I was really excited when the remix request came through.  I changed the riff slightly to keep the energy on the dance floor, gave it 2 euphoric break downs, added a pumping bassline and housed up a couple of progressive drops! It’s certainly proved to me over the weekend that it works in the big room and kicks arse on the dance floor.”

We hear that the tune got its global debut at Electronic Daisy a few weeks ago – and it blew up…?

“Yes, the news of this came through to me via my twitter followers & Facebook fans, with everyone saying how Head honcho & Garuda Music label owner Gareth Emery had dropped it in his set at EDC NY and that it was going off!   From there it started to hit the blog sites and get noticed.”
When I mentioned to someone I was interviewing you, they were going on about how much fire you have in your productions, Mixmag said you were stadium sized house, your press people say you are all about deep, underground. Progressive house overlaid with trance. So, how would you describe your style…

“Quite simply ‘High energy dance music’.”
What are the current top 10 you are spinning?

1. Kryder – Scorpio
2. VADA – Neon Lights (Kryder Remix)
3. Tom Staar & Kryder – Enjoy the silence
4. Kryder feat. Bo Bruce – Damaged
5. Kryder – Ultima
6. Gareth Emery – The Saga
7. Christian Burns & Kryder – Come Home
8. Kryder & Danny Howard feat. Joel Edwards – Message in a Bottle
9. Deniz Koyu – Bong (Original Mix)
10. Kryder & Bream – ID (Unnamed promo)
The rumour mill is in overdrive as we speak with your brand new EP – can you talk us through the new tracks and who’ll be releasing it…

“It actually started out as an EP, but the label feels the tracks are strong enough on their own, so they’ve given me a 3 track deal! The tracks are called ‘Scorpio’,’ Ultima’ and a great collaboration with Christian Burns one of my favourite singers called ‘Come Home’!  Unfortunately, I am not allowed to say who is releasing them yet.”
Last year was one of the most dramatic launches of a career we have seen for many a year. Although you had been around for a while the entrance you made was spectacular. It all began with a certain Judge Jules hearing K2 in some dark basement club – can you tell us that story and how he literally adopted the record on his show!

“I was running nights in Manchester and had booked Judge Jules to play at one of my events.  I was warming up for him and as one of my last tunes decided to drop a track I had been messing about with over the summer.  Judge Jules came up to me and just said ‘Wow, this is a really good tune, what is it?’.  So I gave him my copy & not only did he add it to his set that night, but then he proceeded to drop it for the next 6 weeks continually on his Radio One show, which is pretty unheard of.   It was amazing to get that kind of support and I will always remember it!”
When Tiesto came calling to sign the track onto Musical Freedom, was there any doubt that this was the right home for your creation?

“There was no doubt at all, I see Tiësto as one of the most influential people within the genre I am in, so for him to sign it to his label was like winning the Progressive House lottery.”
Were you at Miami WMC when he promo’d the track which had the Swedes and Tong drooling?

“I wish! I had just finished in the studio and put on Radio One in the car on the way home to hear Pete Tong saying ‘here is something new from Kryder’ and boom – K2 gets played live from WMC 2011 at his Radio One Pool party.  For the next few days I was seeing YouTube videos surfacing of Tiësto and Swedish House Mafia all dropping it in Miami.”
2011 was also the year that you launched your career at the world’s biggest club, Privilege in Ibiza with Tiesto. What were the highlights of that little evening?

“You mean the ones I can remember?! Getting to watch 8000 people going insane to K2 and the other bootlegs I had produced for my set, I just don’t think you can beat that feeling. Getting to meet Tiësto and table dancing with Nero who was playing after me, this was after downing a bottle or two of Jäger.”
Tell us about the Kryder entourage, what is the story there?

“This all started off as a bunch of friends who like to dress up and party and has now turned into a stage show of steroid munching, thong wearing dwarf tossers!  I love the show of it all and being different from other people.  It’s all about the extraordinary, not the ordinary!”
Tell us about before 2011…what were you listening to when you were growing up?

“Since I have been old enough to buy my own music I have been into dance.  I was really into clubbing when I was growing up and living in London I got to go to some great club nights;  Gatecrasher, Ministry of Sound, Godskitchen, Clockwork Orange at Hanover Grand , Serious at the Cross, Peach at Camden Palace and Freedom at Bagley’s!”
What did you want to do with your life before music took over?

“I was twelve years old when I got my first set of decks, so before that I wanted to be a footballer!  I had my fist residency at 14 at an under 18’s event and started running my own under 18’s party at the age of 15!”
How did you get involved in the music industry, what was your first break?

“I don’t feel like I got professionally involved in the music industry until Tiesto signed my K2 track last year, which was also my first break.  Before this, making music was more like a hobby to me with running event and DJing being my career.  It was the support I got from the big name DJs with my K2 track that gave me the confidence and the motivation to actually take the producing side more seriously and to pursue it as a career.”
We come back to yours after the club, what is the Kryder Back To Mine 10 you spin us to carry on the groove?

“After reaching for the lasers in the club I would mash it up a bit, things would get a bit emotional…”
1. Star Wars – Darth Vader’s Imperial March
2. Iio – Rapture
3. Sasha & Emerson – Scorchio
4. Laurent Garnier – The Man With the Red Face
5. Josh Wink – Higher State of Consciousness
6. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Otherside
7. Delerium Feat Sarah Mclachlan – Silence
8. Banda Sonora – Guitarra G
9. Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence
10. William Orbit – Adagio For Strings