How are you, what’s good and what’s bad in your world right now?

L_cio: Hello, I´m fine, taking care of the problems, everything is perfect LOLOLOL. In my world (São paulo, Brazil) we have a super rich cultural effervescence and at the same time a very surreal political and social crisis, but I think this is all a process of maturing a country.

What state is the scene in Brazil in – is it healthy and thriving?

L_cio: Yes. Today we have a scene under construction, but more mature and professional. We had received festivals (Dekmantel, DGTL) and we see festivals in different parts of the country. The scene of São Paulo, the south of the country and Santa Catarina are very strong. Highlight for the São Paulo scene with the parties Carlos Capslock, Mamba Negra, Tantsa, ODD, Caldo, L_ve, among others.
Artistically, we have grown a lot, with releases by local artists on big labels (Anna at Kompakt, Davis at Innervisions, Zopelar at Connasieur, me at DOC, Live at Robert Johnson and Perlon).

Is there a Brazilian sound do you think, something that separates the house and techno there from the rest of the world?

L_cio: I think today the sound has become more universal, causing some peculiarities and cliches to be produced in different parts of the world. Of course we have our characteristics but they are much more implicit than apparent.

How are you, what’s good and what’s bad in your world right now?

L_cio: Life is always a positive thing and unfortunately in “my world”, many people don’t have a good life – Brazil is very unequal and doesn’t offer support to the life of Brazilians.

What inspires your own sound? What are your aims, what is the unique aspect to your producitons?

L_cio: I’m inspired by different moments that I live. I also really like going to exhibitions that also bring me new ideas. I aim to continue living my music and grow organically, as has been my career. My work is always presented in the LIVE format and has characteristics that permeate the techno, the house and the organic sounds mixed with the synthetic sounds – the use of the flute is my most characteristic feature (having partnerships with Patrice Baumel, Portable and Guti, in the project Rompecorazones) .

How long have you been playing the flute? How hard was it to incorporate it with modern electronic music?

L_cio: I played since 7 years old, but I studied intensively until I was 14. The entrance of the flute in my productions wasn’t difficult. It began naturally, at the invitation of Portable – we released some songs by Live at Robert Jonhson (A Process, Surrender, Nano Flower …), Behind by Perlon and Bondage at ! K7. I also released with Patrice Baumel on his EX label the track Brute. After a few releases, I went on tour with Portable playing the flute (on Robert Jonhson’s The Lifesaver tour). And consequently I ended up incorporating the flute in my productions and in my live.

Tell us why you decided now was the right time for an album. Was there a plan for the overall thing from the start?

L_cio: After 12 years of production and artistic maturation, we decided together with DOC to produce my first album. Yes, the idea was planned.

How important is it to make the whole thing flow and be more than just a collection of club tracks?

L_cio: I always wanted to show compositions that were close to their own aesthetic and that were linked to different contexts of listening (home, party, club, bar …).

You also play live, right? What are your shows like, fully improvised on the spot? How much planning goes into them?

Yes, I actually only live (I do not know how to do djset). I have a live wide open, being able to play until 8 hours. In the last Carlos Capslock (São Paulo), party that I am resident, I played for 6: hours and 15 minutes. All my productions are intended for my live performance. I sse, ableton live, transverse flute and full live with some synth / drum machine / sampler (currently use a Circuit Novation).

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?  

L_cio: I’m working on my next EP “Songs” that will be released this year by the MEMNTGN label (run by Tessuto and me). I will also release some remixes and plan my next tour in Europe by Kompakt.

Finally, are Brazil going to win the world cup? Do you think they have strong team?

L_cio: LOLOLOL I think Brazil needs, before winning the World Cup again, to overcome the social and political problems that are surreal.

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