With multiple number one hits secured in his discography throughout his illustrious dance music tenure, Lodato has seen more than his fair share of success over the years. After arguably his most impressive year to date, New York native Lodato continues his stunning run with his first official offering of 2019 by joining forces with recent Hardwell-collaborator and Dutch songstress PollyAnna…

You just released your brand new single ‘Sober’ with PollyAnna. What was the inspiration behind that track and how did you and PollyAnna initially meet each other?

We wanted to make an uplifting song that you cant help but dance to, while not shying away from expressing darker feelings. I think music is an amazing thing to help you process whatever you are going through

I was in a youtube time warp lol and came across the Ultra Music Festival aftervideo and heard the vocal that I would come to find out is singer/songwriter Pollyanna. I went right to instagram and slid into her dm…and the rest is history.

Last summer, you and Vassy hit the number one spot on Billboard’s Dance Club Charts with your hit collaboration, ‘Doomsday’. What was your reaction when you were officially told the news? Are there any plans to do a follow up to the song?

My first reaction was to call Vassy. Everything after that is a blur. I went on a 24 hour bender just to celebrate. It’s just crazy to have life goals and to see them come to fruition; an unbelievable feeling that’s hard to describe. I was always scared that people get bored when they actually reach their goals, cause you hear that you have to enjoy the journey.  However, I know now that I’m addicted to the feeling of accomplishment and it made me dream bigger.

Vassy and I are in very close contact. I think she is an amazing artists so yeah, you never know!!

Lodato & PollyAnna – Sober [OUT NOW]

Who are some of your favorite producers at the moment?

Um oof the top of my head I would have to say Calvin Harris, Jax Jones, Mike Williams.

What songs are currently in your playlist rotation right now?

Every song by Pollyanna! But I also like songs like “Piece of my Heart “ Meduza, “All Around The World” by R3hab and I’m Not Sorry by Hardwell / Mike Williams. 

Can you tell us about any upcoming music or collaborations that you have in the works?

Actually I was just asked to do a official remix of Galantis ft. OneRepublic – Bones and that should be coming out this month! There’s some cool stuff I’m working on that I’m going to keep secret as for now so I can surprise you later.

Being from New York, how would you describe the dance music scene there versus other places around the world that you’ve experienced?

PollyAnna never wastes an opportunity to let me know the Dutch are top of the food chain when it comes to dance. But I am really proud of my New York roots and I am really excited about a lot of artists that have been around for a while and newcomers. I think New York dance has a sound that you don’t hear anywhere else. 

What has been your favorite city or venue to play so far?

I always love doing shows in Florida. The people there aren’t joking when they go partying. It’s just the best feeling in the world when you’re DJing and the crowd goes all-in. 

When you’re not playing shows or producing music, what are some of your favorite things to do?

I am a real family person; so I spend a lot of time on them. I’m always trying to find the new best New York pizza, I go to concerts and I work out. 

If you weren’t a DJ/producer, what career path do you think you would’ve chosen?

I think I’d be in music anyway but as a music manager. I think the whole business is super interesting and I don’t mind handling all the things around the fun stuff. I love to think about strategies on how to spread music and finding new audiences. 

If you could pick one artist to collaborate with, dead or alive, who would it be?

I would want to work with Frank Sinatra. He is such an icon and one of the greatest singers that ever lived. Plus he had an enormous amount of swag. 

What do you think is the next big genre trend in the electronic dance music scene?

Jumpstyle or Future Disco Electro House lol…