Hi Manu, how are you?

Hi!! very good thanks!!

We hear you have a release forthcoming on Hector Couto’s Roush Label? Tell us about your relationship with Hector and how you are coming to release on the label?

Yes! I met Hector recently and got along very well from the first day! he is a good person and very funny! We share some tours and we became good friends. The release will be out on September composed by four tracks, two original and two in collaboration with my partner Londonground.

Were you musical growing up? Where did the journey start for you to get where you are musically today?

I grew up in Ibiza influenced from very young with electronic music! It starts when i met Ricardo Villalobos and Argenis Brito in Argentina! They come to play at Mute Mar Del plata and they give me some records to start! The best days of my life jajajaja

How would you describe your sound?

With a lot of Latin influence, funny and groovy!

Who would you say are your main influences and what inspires your sound?

I start thanks to Ricardo Villalobos, Argenis Brito, Luciano, Pier Bucci, all latin artist living in Europe.

Whats’s your relationship with WOW! and Sanity? How did you come to be a part of these labels?

I met mikel, rafa and martin several years ago in argentina, from that day we stayed in touch and we became friends and they gave me all their support in my career. Which I am very grateful for!

What essential records are always in your sets?

Someone from Ricardo Villalobos! always!!

What is the house and techno scene like in Argentina?

The scene in Argentina is in full growth! After a bump we had last year because of what happened in TimeWarp! Every day there are new promoters and parties all over the country, every week we have many artists that come from all over the world and that makes the scene grow a lot!

How did growing up there affect your career?

Because to have more parties and promoters there is more demand of artists and that generates work! Work that serves to keep the Studio updated with machines!

Where is your favourite place to play in the world?

What question! I always have a good time anywhere! But I think the argentinian passion It is difficult to compare with other countries.

What is your favourite record right now?

Now and always is Mari Kvien Brunvoll – Everywhere You Go (Villalobos Celestial Voice Resurrection Mix)

What does the future hold for Manu Desrets? What are your hopes and ambitions for the future?

Well the next step is to create my record label, improve my tours in Europe and keep producing music!