Swedish brothers ManyFew bring us their next single, ‘Locked In Your Heart’ – a collaboration with enigmatic AI producer LEO.809.  Celebrating over 1 million monthly listeners for their vibrant Electronic Heaven radio show, ManyFew have well and truly solidified their tastemaker reputation releasing via an array of major labels including Spinnin’ Records, 3 Beat and Perfect Havoc. They were selected as one of Tomorrowland’s ‘Future 4’ artists and continue to receive heavy support from industry heavyweights such as David Guetta, Don Diablo and Tiësto. DMCWORLD dive in for a big world exclusive…


Hey guys! Hope you are keeping well & great to have you here on DMC World!

Hey! We’ve been big fans of DMCWORLD for many years so it’s a pleasure to be here!

You are releasing your second track on 3 Beat Records, ‘Locked In Your Heart’ – tell us about the track and how it came about?

We got in touch with Leo.809 last summer and we started working on the first idea of the track. We wanted to produce a track which has those 90s/R’n’B vibes, but at the same time with a modern dance music twist. We love piano and the summer and wanted to give that summer feel to it. We produced the rough idea quite quickly but we’ve been paying lots of attention to the details and been working on this one for many months now to give it the right feeling.

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How do you feel Sweden has influenced your music and your career?

While growing up we listened to lot of pop and dance music on the radio. At that time the Swedish producers Dennis Pop and Max Martin became big and wrote lots of hits which inspired us. From a dance music perspective we have always been fans of Axwell and Eric Prydz so it was a really nice feeling to release a song on Axwell’s imprint. Think we’ve got the fascination to melodies from Swedish music as well.

Your sound is super feel-good and uplifting! What inspires your music and also, how do you stay motivated?

Thanks! We absolutely love the summer so that’s always a big inspiration for us, the sun, the heat, the vibrant beaches. We love to travel so to explore new places gives us lots of inspiration as well. We are trying to see things from a positive point of view and we are so passionate about music and love to create new music all the time.

If you could go back to the early days of your career, what would you tell yourselves?

Create the music you love and surround yourself with people you trust and enjoy every moment of success!

It’s awesome that you guys are brothers and you are able to work together too! How do you guys find a good Work-Life balance… especially during the pandemic!

It’s great that we’re sharing the same type of passion. For us music is a lifestyle, obviously it’s been a strange time for the world and for the music industry as well. We’re trying to stay healthy and do workouts and have some kind of routine during the pandemic. It’s been a tough time for many people and we can’t wait for the world to open up again. Imagine how crazy fun it’s going to be at the festivals and nightclubs when the world is ready. We look forward so much to continue touring!

Which of your songs would you say is your favourite to date?

Well this is a hard one to answer, lol. We are proud of all of our songs and it depends on the mood. Right now our favourite is ‘Locked In Your Heart’.

I am sure there have been many, but can you pick your proudest career moment?

To start getting recognition from DJs producers that we always been looking up to was an absolutely amazing experience for us. Also, when performing live and people are singing along to our songs that’s always surreal but a great feeling. Our disco record ‘Clouds’ reached position number 1 on Music Weeks Commercial Pop Chart which totally blew our minds.

Tell us about your dream ManyFew show. Where would it be, who would be on the lineup…and what would be the ingredients of the special ManyFew cocktail on the menu!?!

The dream ManyFew Show is to set up a tour  based on our radio show ‘Electronic Heaven’. The worldwide tour will be called ‘Electronic Heaven Night by ManyFew’ and the final show will be held in Madison Square Garden, New York City. We’re going to have a live big band on the stage together with feature singers, dancers and lots of pyrotechnics with a 3D visual experience. We’ll invite artists to perform that have collaborated with us, both on our records and on our radio show.

Give us your 3 all time favourite tunes!

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You
Armand Van Helden – My My My
Junior Jack – Stupid Disco

Anything else you guys would like to add? 

We’d like to do a big shout out to everyone for supporting our music! Hope that you’ll like our brand new single ‘Locked In Your Heart’. Also, make sure to check out our radio show ‘Electronic Heaven’ with over 1 million monthly listeners, available on Apple’s Podcast and Google’s Podcast…

ManyFew ‘Locked In Your Heart’ is out 16 April via 3 Beat Records