DMCWORLD checks in with the Amnesia resident as another huge Ibiza season begins…


Hello Martin, welcome back to DMC World – where in the world are you right now?

I just arrive to Ibiza! ​Getting my house ready for the season… Really looking forward for Ibiza 2018.

The Ibiza season is almost upon us yet again. As a stalwart of the scene, what are you most looking forward to about this season and how will it differ from previous seasons?

For me the main highlight is the new party called PYRAMID, it​’​s going to try to recover the Ibiza vibe we use to have when techno arrived to the island. It should be very international, very friendly, not based ​around​ headliners but in the community of ​DJ​s who are part of the night and the crowd coming to the party. I think the parties has lost their identities, they can be boring… the only theme is the lineup and most of it is always the same ​DJ​s, a party should have much more ingredients.

Amnesia will be opening its doors on May 12th with a mouth-watering opening party line-up featuring yourself playing B2B with Germany’s Mathias Kaden. What are you looking forward to about this special event and how did the B2B session come about?

I love Kaden’s music for ages!! It will be the first time we do b2b but we​’ve​ been touring together many times and we are always laughing because we keep asking​ for​ each other’s tracks while we are djing. So… this means that the b2b should make sense and we decided to do it.

What you enjoy about playing B2B in general and who would your dream B2B session be with and why?

I enjoy being​ able to have more time to decide the next track and while looking for it having the time to dance to the partner’s track. Also the responsibility is shared which helps in many club which can make you nervous.

We understand you’ll also be holding down a residency at Amnesia’s new 17-week Monday night event series, Pyramid. What can you tell us about this exciting new project?

As I said before, I hope this party makes a difference and grows into something really special.

On the release front, your latest You See Me EP was recently released via Steve Lawler’s VIVa Limited. How long did it take you to complete the EP and where did you get your inspiration?

I was trying to aim for a new sound with my own releases as I’ve been moving away from tech house to a more melodic style. Everybody is playing Tech House, which for me now sounds to obvious. It’s taken some time to decide where to go with my productions but I think the result is very sincere.


Along with your 2 original tracks, the package also boasts two remixes (one from Mark Jenkyns and one from Alvaro Am). Who selected the remixers and what are your thoughts on their reworks?

Between all the time we decided the remixers, I’m a BIG fan of both of them :-)))) so I’m very happy with the results.

We’ve noticed your established Tech House imprint WOW! Recordings will be celebrating its landmark 100th release soon. What releases are you most proud of and what will be the label’s monumental 100th release be?

I’m proud of all the releases, some of them haven’t sold so good but the productions are amazing. It’s a pity that people only buy music from producers they perceive they should do. People should focus more on just listening without caring who the producer is but that’s difficult because this means they have to believe in their criteria. The 100th release is mine :-)) with a remix from Detlef, really looking forward to release it!

The big 5 tunes in your box right now..

Please list your current top 5 tracks…

Seth Troxler – Blacklap

House is OK – Kornel Kovacs

Hola – Christian Burkhardt

Kool Luv – Cuartero

Mola Theory – Luca Donzelli

Ans finally, what other releases do you and WOW! Recordings have in the pipeline?

I have releases on Elrow, Roush and more to come… Wow! has release from Tennan, Caal, Alan nieves, Proudly People, Sante, Luna City Express, Cozy… and more to come.