Marc Maya

He is the resident DJ at the most exciting club night on the planet right now. DMCWORLD checks in with Marc Maya to see what’s ticking in his musical world as another summer at elrow in Ibiza explodes…


Hello Marc, welcome to DMC World, where in this crazy world are you today?

Thank you. It’s a pleasure to talk with you, right now I’m planning my next trip to South Africa.

As a long-running resident DJ for the hugely successful Elrow, what has been the event/party you’ve played for that most sticks in your head and why?  

There are many but one of the most memorable ones, was probably when I played New Caledonia. It was a party on a private island for around 800 people with a very special audience. I had many problems at the beginning with my equipment, I fell from the ship and the equipment got wet, but then when we got it all back up and running, it was one of the best parties of my life!

You regularly perform back-to-back sessions with the likes of Nic Fanciulli, Eats Everything etc… what is it you like most about playing B2B and what would be your dream B2B session?

Normally we only play b2b with artists that we have musical affinities. The aim is to deliver something interesting for the dancefloor with both styles combined. The best thing about performing alongside another artists is the different things that we can do – often the result of improvisation new and unexpected things always happen – apart from giving you the opportunity to reinvent and learn new things every day. My dream b2b session would definitely be with Sven Vath.

What you think are the most important traits/characteristics a great resident DJ should possess?  

Well, I think one of the most important features is knowing how to connect a lot with the public and always have your mind focused on the dancefloor, as well as spending a lot of time looking for new music and always be able to offer something fresh.

What country/city outside of Spain do you find are most receptive to your DJ sets and what country/city would you most like to perform in but haven’t had the chance to yet? 

One of the countries where I love to play is Italy, and if I can choose a city, probably it is Naples or Milan. A country where I’m yet to play is Brazil but I really want to do.

You’ve recently released music on Coyu’s Suara and Steve Lawler’s VIVa LTD but as an in-demand touring DJ, how much time do you get to spend in the studio and what other releases do you have in the pipeline? 

Yes, I am quite satisfied with the results of my recent releases and I’m very happy to be able to work with these great labels. I can’t say anything yet, but soon, interesting new works will come out. It depends, sometimes I have time to be in the studio and focus just on production, but with so much traveling it can be hard to fit in.

As you currently live in Ibiza, it would be interesting to know your opinion regarding the current state of Ibiza clubbing and how the island has evolved/changed over the years?

After 18 years the island has changed a lot, I think it is largely due to the great wave of commercial music that invaded it a few years ago, but fortunately I have the feeling that the parties are returning to be more underground-focused and have more quality. 

We know you like to enjoy a good party but who’s the biggest party animal you’ve come across to date?

Surely, I must talk about my great friend Charles (Technasia). I’ve had unforgettable nights of laughter and madness with him. 

What upcoming DJ/producers would you tip for big things and why..? 

I’m going to choose two artists that I know very well and that is a national product. For me the two DJ/producers with a lot of talent and with much to offer to our scene would still be Aitor Ronda and Bastian Buxx. Two great artists who have a lot to offer with their productions and both with very powerful and energetic directives.

Please tell us the current Top 5 tracks that have been doing the most damage on the dancefloor for you recently?  

Five of my most used tracks right now…

– Wailer · Prok & Fitch (Original mix)

– Up To The Roof · Cuartero (Original mix)

Cuartero - Up To The Roof (Original Mix)

– 2 Miles Away · Rodriguez Jr (Original mix)

Rodriguez Jr. - 2 Miles Away - mobilee174

– Root · Danny Serrano (Original mix)

Danny Serrano - Root

– Adana Twins · Uncompromising (Original mix)

Adana Twins - Uncompromising (Original Mix) [Diynamic]