Mark Herman from pooldisco

Ibiza’s most glamorous poolside party gets a new luxurious home for 2013

Interview : Dan Prince

Welcome back to DMCWORLD Mark! An exciting new summer season ahead for your pooldisco party and a new venue for 2013 in Ibiza, switching from Ushuaia to the beautiful Santos from July 9th. So, the question on everyone’s lips…why the big move? ??

“Ushuaia moved the project one way – bigger and more commercialized and I loved what we did, but for now I am keeping the brand fresh by taking it back to it’s Shoreditch House roots and getting more personal, you can actually get in the pool at Santos which is going to make a huge difference! But we will definitely revisit the epic pooldisco version again one day…”

Pooldisco was undoubtedly one of the success stories of 2012, you brought style, glamour and a touch of excess to the island, something that Ibiza’s nightlife was lacking last year. Looking back, are you proud of pooldisco’s achievements of 2012 – Saturdays were rocking poolside! 

“I am really proud and it was an amazing experience to execute Pooldisco at Ushuaia. I’m glad that I was able to bring something to the Ibiza night time landscape.”


This summer you have a new member of the team joining the promotion side of things with Ben Pound of Paradise/Crosstown/Vision Quest fame joining the party. What will Ben bring to Tuesdays down at Santos?

“Ben and I have been talking about working together for a few years, he’s charming and really talented and will be bringing the pound flavour to the pooldisco brand. We are also joined by Brighton promoter Justin Pawsey from ‘Inyearpromotions’, Ben and Justin are on board to help me develop the brand globally.” 

There is also a fresh and different slant on the DJ side of things this summer, who will you be flying in and what will the music policy be?

“Of course our long term resident Severino from Horse Meat Disco will be making a few appearances, the amazing Antz, Alex Wolfenden and also some other very special guests from Visionquest and Fabric London and the music policy will be eclectic just like how it was at Shoreditch House. Just watch this space!”

For our readers who haven’t checked out Santos yet, talk us through this stunning beachside venue that has Miami South Beach all over it…

“It’s boutique, it is old Ibiza and new Ibiza all rolled into one and has the most stunning sea backdrop! I am also very excited to be working with the Santos team.” 

One of the things that stood out for me for pooldisco in 2012 was you brought a sense of glamour to the island. You can’t move in Ibiza without seeing superstar DJs advertising their own nights with their £5000 a pop billboards. Years ago Ibiza was all about the party, all about the clientele, all about the fashion. That seems to have become second fiddle now, even Pacha is all about the DJ these days. Why do you think that is?”

“A sign of recent times, but with brands like Pooldisco breaking through, maybe we can strike more of a balance. Although I have to say, the superstar DJ concept has done amazing things for the industry.”

Tell us about some of your highlights from 2012 down at pooldisco…

“Seeing the Pooldisco logo on the Ushuaia screens for the first time and the finish of the closing party, I was exhausted and through!!!”

With the exception of Sankeys, club prices have gone up yet again in Ibiza. It wasn’t so long ago that a clubber could touch down on the island and literally be able to pick what club they are going to go to every night of the week. In 2013 things are slightly different, people are restricted to only two maybe three nights on the dancefloor unless they’ve won the lottery. Will Pooldisco reflect this with your door prices?

“We are 20 euros on the door! The price of a large pizza!”

One of the most talked about parties of the winter was pooldisco’s extravagant trip to Russia, my head was throbbing for days! Will Pooldisco be branching out after Ibiza 2013, it has Vegas, Dubai, Australia and Brazil written all over it!

“Yes, we will definitely be taking the brand further afield, we just have the small case of an Ibiza residency to deliver first…” 

So Mark Herman has a day off, where are the beaches and restaurants that you love in Ibiza?

“To eat – the Fish Shack, to bathe – Es Cavallet.”

What one song always reminds you of Ibiza?

“‘Everything But The Girl – ‘Missing’ – always reminds me of the island. It is a beautiful haunting memory!”

Can you recall the first time you ever went to Ibiza, where were the clubs and DJs you encountered?

“When I was 23 and I went with my sister. We had the time of our lives! We went to Space and the rest is history…”

Who in your opinion are some of Ibiza’s unsung heroes,

“Grayson Shipley who engineered the new Sasha and Digweed album, Irina Levy (Microchunk), Antz (resident at Sacca and Sundays at Pikes), Mitch Clark – presenter of Wingin It (Sonica Ibiza) and Charlie Shitface.”


Where are some of the clubs and DJs you’re looking forward to checking out in Ibiza this summer?

“Plan B, Sacca and Booom!” 

And finally, in one sentence, if a clubber reading this has 5o euros left in their pocket at the end of their holiday, why should they spend it on an adventure down to pooldisco. What makes this party so great?

“You will feel like you are a part of something that is happening and of the now!” 

Pooldisco – the ultimate pool party takes place at Santos, Playa D’en Bossa every Tuesday from July 9th 4pm-midnight…