Interview by Fidel Trotman

Hugely in demand at festivals like Tomorrowland and Electroshock and some of the world’s finest events with your own My House events, id DJ-ing still really important to you and do you get a buzz from watching clubbers go for it? What’s your live DJ set up consist of?

DJ-ing has always been one of the greatest parts of my job. It’s the moment when you finally meet your crowd and get the chance to share a moment that lifts you up and fills you with pure energy. It’s a moment of togetherness that I wouldn’t miss for the world. My sets are always evolving, you can expect lots of fun and ground-breaking tracks.

Your debut show at Egg London and are you looking forward to playing here and what makes London a special date to play ?

It’s super cool to play at Egg London lots of greats DJs have played there and I’ve heard only brilliant reviews about the parties held there. London is definitely Europe’s music capital and when you like music the way I do it’s always really exciting to play there. I have to say that my latest single ‘Places’ has done really well in the UK and it’s been strongly supported here in London so I’m happy to be able to play it live on Friday March 10th at My House !

Can you tell us why you launched your own brand ‘My House’ and what can we expect to hear on the night at Egg London?

I originally launched My House in Ibiza because I wanted to propose something a bit different on the island. Most of all I liked the idea of trying to break the barriers within the electronic genres, and that’s why I’m so proud of having various artists coming to play at MyHouse to reflect the variety of the electronic world.

You recently worked with Craig David and can you tell us how this came about and what this experience was like?

There’s a deep respect for another and his show at My House last year was one of a kind but we haven’t really worked together yet. We both happened to be in London at the same point and decided to meet at his studio, listened to some tracks, exchanged ideas, confronted our musical point of views and those moments are always refreshing and fulfilling !

How do you come up with ideas for tracks and what inspires you?

Inspiration is wild thing, and it comes and goes without warning! Basically everything can inspire me, from the movies I watch to the music I listen to, to the moments I share with my friends and families. In fact attitudes, everything really, life is music. I just have to observe it, get to know it and speak its musical language.

What does the future hold for you musically and also for your My House’ events? Are there any clubs or people you would really like to work with and why?

I like not to think about it too often, I just let it flow. I’m quite a calm person and I usually take things as they come, no big plan or anything. Well, enjoying myself is the plan really. I started making music a while ago but I have the feeling that I’m at the beginning of a new phase and that’s the beauty of it. I’d love to collaborate with new artists and experiment with new stuff. The ‘MyHouse’ events have become more and more popular and have grown a lot, and we’ve hosted MyHouse at Amsterdam’s ADE Festival, in Paris, at TomorrowLand in Belgium, in Miami, and one in London of course ! The party is going to travel a lot for sure.
You’ve worked with an impressive Who’s Who of artists and DJ/Producers and do you have any favourite collaborations and what made them so special?

Working with Madonna was definitely a lifetime experience. Each moment next to her was magical, she’s such a strong woman. I’m so thankful for all the things I learnt by her side.

Can you tell us which DJ/Producers are impressing you and the dance floor right now?

A-Trak’s got skills as does the upcoming Billy Kenny.

Part of the second wave of French house producer/super stars in the wake of Daft Punk, Bob Sinclar, Etienne De Crecy , can you tell us how you first got into dance music and what were your earliest inspirations such as people, clubs, records, family etc?

It all began when I decided to edit tracks for my DJ sets and they became more and more complex and ambitious. Ideas gave birth to other ideas, and one of them was at the start of my first original production.

Who out of the new generation of French house producers do you play, follow or tip?

I have a strong musical relationship with Kungs, Tchami, Feder & Madeon.

10 favourite French electronic music productions

‘Tracks On Da Rocks’ – Thomas Bangalter
‘Music Sounds Better With You’ – Stardust
‘If I Ever Feel Better’ – Phoenix
‘Around The World’ – Daft Punk
‘Phantom Part II’ – Justice
‘Toop Toop’ – Cassius
‘Poison Lips’ – Vitalic
‘Control Movement-‘ Gesaffelstein
‘Together’ – DJ Falcon
‘Crispy Bacon’ – Laurent Garnier

And lastly before we head out to ‘My House’ at Egg London what should we be listening to at please?

My monthly MyHouse mix show on soundcloud

there’s no best warm up before Egg London.

Martin Solveig brings My House to Egg London and joined by Jax Jones, Michael Calfan and Coco Cole on Friday March 10th. All info on