Hey Matchy, delighted to meet you! How’s 2018 been treating you so far?

Nice to meet you too. Well, I can’t complain.. finally moved to Berlin, signed quite a few EPs so far and played some nice gigs over the last couple of weeks. Currently I’m pretty productive and spending every free minute in the studio._

Tell us about your relationship with Lauter Unfug. How did you come to release with those guys?
Actually my manager Pierre from Lauter Unfug used to be my booking agent at a former booking agency and by that time Lauter Unfug already organized parties in Luxemburg. That’s how we met. I’m really happy to be a part of this family with other great artists such as Beatamines or Circle of Life. We all work together closely, support each other and have become good friends. _

Don’t want to give away too much.. but I can already uncover that I did a track together with Beatamines on his upcoming album and a new EP on Lauter Unfug are coming soon._

You’ve also had a track on Stil Vor Talent recently. Tell us a bit about that, and your thoughts with making that track?
After having released a couple of Tracks on Stil vor Talent and the former sub label Light my fire it was about time for a new track. Chris (Stereo Express) was working on his current album. Therefore we thought about making a track together and we created „Savanah“. When the track was finished we realized that with its Afrohouse/ Melodic House and Techno style it would fit very well with Stil vor Talent and they then in fact signed the track. _

How would you describe your sound?
Personally I find it very difficult to describe my sound. Although it was recently described as „Neo Progressive“ by another magazine, I produce and play pretty much everything in the range of Deep House to Progressive House and Melodic House and Techno. Independent of the different genres there are two elements I’d say are crucial for the „Matchy sound“: Groovy baselines and melodic synths and pads. I believe these add „heart and soul“ to electronically made music and give it a human touch and emotions._
Were you always musical growing up? What drove you towards this sound?
Although I played the piano for quite some years I incredibly sucked and still do at reading notes. Nevertheless I guess it helped me a lot develop a musical feeling and set the basis for my productions. When it comes to producing I’m still a lot more into inventing melodies than having to deal with technical side of electronic music._

You’re quite a diverse producer. How do you keep your music diverse, whilst still staying true to your roots?
From a lot of artists I hear or read that they go into the studio with a certain idea. I have to admit I don’t. When I’m in the studio I just let my creativity flow, the style of the track might completely change during the process. I just try out stuff, record it, go on until I think the track is finished. Although my aim is definitely to make every EP sound different. That’s how I keep it diverse. You’ll always find melodies, pads and a lot of atmospheric stuff in my tracks.. even if the genres differ._

Would you say the scene in Germany has changed a lot since you were younger?
Well I’m only turning 30 this year.. digitalization changed a lot in the last couple of years, djing has become way easier, producing as well and there’s an unbelievable amount of new music coming out every week. But when it comes to the scene, I’d say it’s quite stable, which in my opinion defines electronic music. People enjoy clubbing to electronic music that much because of the common feeling of letting  loose forgetting the daily routine and enjoying the moment. This is pretty much the same in every country across the world and most likely not
changing over time._
What are your 5 favourite records right now?
in alphabetical order haha_

Butch – Countach (Kölsch Remix)
Jobe – Boma
Matchy – Hail & Fire
Matchy, Stereo Express, Bott – Savanah
Yotto – Chemicals
What artists would you say inspire you the most, both from a past sense and on the current scene?

I’m a big fan of „Oxia – Domino“ and still play the Original, released in 2006 quite often. The track left a huge impact on my interest for electronic music and to me it’s also one of the most timeless electronic music productions._

Artists like Kolsch or Maceo Plex inspire me as well as they both have a very unique, own sound. But also Dirty Doering, for what he built up with Katermukke, same as Oliver Koletzki with Stil vor Talent and who has released so many great tracks in different genres over the years.
Aside from them, where do you take influence and inspiration from before going in the studio?
Just a couple of weeks ago I moved to Berlin. The nightlife here and the underground scene are definitely very inspiring. It’s a Garden of Eden for Music, not even necessarily only electronic music, because most of the artists do live here and that makes it way easier to connect. Also the secret parties here are always pushing my inspiration. Berlin is a city with a great diversity, a mix between German history and other cultural influences, creative people, just as strange people or those who just want to enjoy the __freedom__ this city offers. Being surrounded by all of this brings up inspiration everyday as you see new things and get surprised over and over.

What does the future hold for Matchy?
Maybe you can tell me. I don’t know but I’m looking confident into the future with a lot of new EPs and tracks coming up on labels such as Click Records, Steyoyoke, Lauter Unfug etc. I’m also currently finishing new tracks for Katermukke and just sent out new tracks to Stil vor Talent. Let’s see!

Exodus EP is out now! Grab it here: