Maxine Garman is the Brighton-born house DJ, now based in Ibiza, and turning heads with her productions and DJ sets. Her London residency with respected house / techno night TAKE, really saw her career begin to rocket, supporting the likes of Seth Troxler, Doorly and Eats Everything. Since then her profile just continues to rise, presenting her own radio shows on Ibiza White FM and DJing as the main resident at Tantra Ibiza this season. So far she’s supported of the big names putting on pre-parties at Tantra Ibiza, including Anja Schneider, DJ W!ld, Hot Since 82, Bob Sinclar, DJ Sneak and more. Maxine’s new remix of Fancy Inc ’Synthesis’ is getting plenty of support, after she made a splash with her version of the Rosie Gaines classic ‘Closer Than Close’, highlighting her potential as a producer. There are big things to come from Maxine Garman so we thought it’s time DMC caught up with her for a chat…

Hi Maxine and welcome to DMCWORLD! So what’s the latest news from your studio? Anything new coming up we need to look out for?
During the off-season here in Ibiza I spent my hours full time in the studio and can really feel it starting to pay off. I’ve had a couple of releases out this year on my favorite labels and I’ve also just signed another new record to one of those labels. I have an EP coming out in August on Take records with a remix by a duo with previous releases on Moon Harbour, and Viva Music so keep your ears peeled for that!
You run your own label Red Alert. It’s not easy to run a label successfully these days. Why did you set this up and what’s the thinking behind it?
Starting a record label was something I thought about around 2 years ago but I wanted it to be the right brand, and to be at a point where I had built good connections and I was happy with my music. And then in August 2017 Red Alert was born with the idea behind the name coming from my red hair! I set this up because I wanted to give myself a platform from which to release my own music and also like-minded producers in the industry. The second release was one of my own tracks and I was very pleased that Toolroom asked to sign it to be released on their Miami Underground 2018 compilation. The label also helps connect me with other producers, at the end of last year I signed music from an amazing producer called Josh Kalker after shazaming his music being played at Resistance Privilege, I got straight in touch with him and he released his track ‘Smoker’ on the label. We receive lots of demos and I always try to give feedback as much as possible, the tracks I choose to sign are the ones I would play and support in my sets. Every aspect of the label I love being involved with, and starting to see my vision unfold is a great feeling.
You’ve moved out to Ibiza this year, which seems to be working out well. Why Ibiza and not Berlin or Miami for example?
I first came to Ibiza in 2010 and absolutely fell in love with the energy on the island, and I’ve been coming here every year on holidays since 2013. When I started DJ’ing I really felt being in Ibiza would help me gain more industry knowledge because of the amount of clubs and DJ’s there are, and I also felt it would enable me to really find my sound. Berlin and Miami are definitely places I want to play one day though!
You’re the new resident DJ at Tantra Ibiza, known for putting on the hottest pre-parties on the island. What’s it like playing a pre-party compared to a normal club night?
Tantra Ibiza really has such a special atmosphere and I believe it’s down to many aspects of the venue put together, from the staff, to the ‘Red box’ DJ booth to the outside terrace. It really brings people together and is the perfect way to start any night. Pre-parties are much more intimate than clubs and I love being closer with the crowd when I’m playing as it allows you to connect more with them. This year has been super busy already warming up for Hot Since 82, Anja Schneider, DJ W!ld, and also playing throughout the week doing longer 4-5 hour sets which is something I absolutely love, taking a crowd from sitting to dancing, and I love going deep into my play lists finding those gems!
You present the Inside Ibiza show for Ibiza White FM. What’s the show all about?
If you’re listening to the Inside Ibiza show you will get all the latest news about what’s happening here at the moment in Ibiza, from events to DJ’s to restaurants and beaches. The show enables me to express a slightly different music style that I wouldn’t usually play in a peak time set, so I play a more soulful vocal sound, and then at the end of the show I bring in a guest for the last hour. I’m really pleased and excited to be working with Ibiza White FM this season as we all share a similar vision for what we want from the radio station.
Who are the DJs and producers that are really impressing you at the moment? Have you had a chance to play alongside any of them?
Artists who have built a strong brand in the industry by running their own parties and labels always impress me, because this is something that I want to build with my label Red Alert. So for me artists like Mark Knight and Hot  Since 82 inspire me a lot, and I am honoured to say I have warmed up for both of them before. I’m also supporting Mark Knight again in August too for Taste The Punch which I can’t wait for. Producer and DJ friends around me like Alisha, Caruana, Federico Ambrosi, Fin Evans and Josh Kalker also impress me, these are all people who’ve released on the label or I’ve played with.
You’ve been involved in Toolroom’s new #WeAreListening platform for women in dance music. Why is this important?
Something I really respect about Toolroom is that they are very approachable and take pride in nurturing new talent and listening to upcoming artists, no matter what experience or gender. The first #WeAreListening event was an amazing experience, at the end of the session we had a chance to give in our demos and there were some really strong tracks played. It really showed that it doesn’t matter about gender its about the music, and anyone can do it! Toolroom’s new platform is really raising awareness for this which is amazing, I’m looking forward to the next one already!
Where do you see yourself five years from now?
In five years from now I see myself doing everything I’m doing now but on a bigger scale, so releasing music on more of my favorite labels, playing at more clubs and festivals, and hosting my own weekly party in Ibiza at one of the big clubs would be an amazing achievement and touring the Red Alert brand at festivals across Europe.
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