Looking after both Zulu and Vudu Records, as well as traveling the world on tour and releasing their own music on the likes of Dirtybird, it’s safe to say that MDE (My Digital Enemy) are keeping themselves busy at the minute. The Brighton, UK based duo are renowned for hosting some of the freshest underground sounds around on their labels and we caught up with them to discuss their year so far, their music and everything in between…


Hi guys, how’s it going? It’s been a busy year so far for MDE, what have been the highlights?

It’s going very well thanks.  Our biggest highlight is signing our track ‘Game Over’ to Dirtybird for their Camp West Compilation.  Its been our dream for a few years to sign a track to Dirtybird!

What’s the gig calendar looking like for you?

We are looking forward to playing for One Music & Warrior Grooves at ADE then its back out to Asia for another tour of Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and China.

You’ve just released on the mighty Dirtybird, what has the whole process of producing and releasing on the label been like?

It was all relatively simple.  We finished the track, which incidentally is a lot tougher than our usual MDE style.  It’s the first track we have done that has been put in the ‘Techno’ genre.  We uploaded it to the Dirtybird demo drop page.  Deron from Dirtybird got in touch saying that Claude Von Stroke loved the track and wanted it for one of his compilations.  We were really happy with that and the rest is history.

On top of this you’re about to release on your own label, Vudu Records – can you tell us about the track and the label re-launch?

We re-launched Vudu Records earlier this year with an eight track Ibiza compilation themed around underground vibes.  This is the kind of music we love playing at the moment.  We’ve had some really positive reactions to the label this year with support across the board from Jamie Jones, Steve Lawler, Billy Kenny. GAWP & Tough Love.  Also, we have received a lot of comments about the artwork.   We have enlisted an awesome artist to design the covers for us.  He goes by the name of ‘Byroglyphics’. Our track ‘For U’ is a groove orientated tech house beast with some seriously trippy elements thrown in for good measure.

Sister label Zulu Records is also getting a lot of attention at the minute, what inspired you to start a new EP series in ‘Weapons?’

We started the Zulu Weapons series to showcase tougher more stripped side of Zulu.  The reactions have been awesome with support from Mark Knight, Kryder, Sam Divine, Thomas Gold, the list goes on. It’s great as it has given us a chance to release tracks from unknown artists alongside the Zulu regulars.  We already have Volume Two lined up for release in mid-November.

With both labels smashing it at the minute, what are your future goals for them both?

We would love for Vudu to become as well known as Zulu.  That is one of the reasons we are releasing most of our MDE tracks on Vudu to help raise the profile of the label.  Beatport have been great though supporting the new Vudu releases on the Tech-House page.  It’s great to have that extra support when you put your heart and soul into the music.

With 2019 in the horizon, what can we expect from MDE? Where do you want to see yourselves next year?

We are hard at work in the studio this month planning the next few months releases.  We’d love to lock in some summer festivals for next year.  That’s one of the most fun parts of DJing, traveling to these crazy places and connecting with the fans.


MDE – For U – out on Vudu Records now…


MDE – Game Over out on Dirtybird now…