Unveils his alternative ‘Dark Blue Dub’ of Lana Del Rey ‘Blue Jeans’

As one of the most respected names in the world of dance music, MK is known to be equally adept at bringing his own unique touch to the work of other artists and genres as he is at crafting seminal club tracks of his own. Hence, once again, he has become one of the most in-demand remixers around today. His ability to sensitively and tastefully rework music for the underground in a fresh but signatured way is unparalleled. During his career, MK has had many flattering imitators and those who swear that he had been the inspiration or catalyst that catapulted them into dance music. DJ’s like Todd Edwards, Danny Daze, Laidback Luke and others all swear to him that he had a profound effect on their lives. During his long career, MK has put his special touch on a diverse array of music ranging from the iconic Nightcrawlers’ “Push the Feeling on” to Jodeci, Moby, Bobby Brown to Michael Jackson, Inner City, and so many others.

His latest work saw him bringing his deft touch to Lana Del Rey’s gothic pop chart hit ‘Blue Jeans’ with his ‘Darkest Mix’ showcasing all of the above in abundance with a certified underground anthem for 2012. Now he is following that up with the more stripped back and club ready alternative ‘Dark Blue Dub’. Staying true to the sombre and fragile spirit of the original, MK transforms Del Rey’s sultry, soulful vocals into the vehicle for a hypnotic and nuanced house track. Building a characteristically infectious rhythmic shuffle that is imbued with the swing of classic NYC garage, the snappy snares drop down into warm looping garage chords as he pulls apart, chops and warps the vocals into a fluttering new melody in inimitable style.


Out now: Beatport