Nicky Romero

The highest new entry into the DJ100 speaks live and direct to DMCWORLD

Welcome back to DMCWORLD Magazine Mr Romero, a very triumphant 2012 under your disco belt sir…rounded off last week by smashing into the DJ100 at No. 17. How did you celebrate?
“Hi Dan! My team organized a surprise dinner for me, where my whole family and loads of mates were present. We had a great time and I was over the moon with this. I wasn’t really pleased with the way they lured me into getting to the dinner location but it is all forgiven. I had a great ADE week and to take home the best newcomer DJMag award was the icing on the cake for me.”

Last week saw Sander Van Doorn sign to Jay Z’s Roc Nation and a certain American company tried to buy the Sensation brand for $100 million. EDM is now officially the biggest music scene in the US. Do you think this dollar takeover is going to ruin the real substance of what made dance music such a beautiful thing when it exploded in 1988?
“No not at all, I feel that EDM will become even more mainstream and don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing, good music will always be good music, it might not be to everyone’s taste but this more a personal thing.”
You had another summer in Ibiza, an interesting thing you said after the season…you prefer the USA crowd to Ibiza? Why is that?
“Well prefer might be a tad exaggerated let me explain that. I think as the scene is so fresh in the States the people are sooo up for the events that are done over there they bring a tad more energy then the crowd in Ibiza. This is a logical cause and effect to my opinion as Ibiza has been the mecca for dance since years and EDM is so readily available all day long in the white island people are a little less impressed by it I guess.”
You had a brilliant ADE with your Protocol showcase selling out in seconds. How far in advance did you know David Guetta was going to be the surprise guest – and what was the party like?
“We knew a little while before the gig David was going to attend! I was truly honoured that he came over just for this. The party was insane, it was super packed, we even had to turn down people at the door I was told. All the guys that came out to play Nilson, John Christian, Swanky Tunes and Daddy’s Groove did an awesome job and played awesome sets. I feel blessed to have such good people willing to come out and play. We are doing a recap movie to give everyone a little taste of how the evening went so keep an eye out for that!”
Tell us about ADE, it must have been so fulfilling for you being at that event knowing you are now of clubland’s royalty. Did you check out any other parties or hear any new big tunes?
“Loads and loads of big tunes around, as I am in the loop pretty well these days there weren’t loads of surprises – but I still think ADE speaks for itself. All these events and all that business being done in our small country that is something to be proud of in my opinion. I did a producers panel and I really enjoyed that, loads of people came out for this and there were some really interesting questions. As far as royalty in the scene goes, I don’t really view it like that, my philosophy is that I am just Nick and I try to make good tunes and play good sets, if I can do it so can you!!”
Taking you back to where it all began, once upon a time you were picking up empty beer glasses in a bar wistfully looking at the DJ spinning the killer tunes wishing you could swap places. To all of the thousands of wanna be Nicky Romero’s reading this, what is a piece of great advice to help them on their way…?
“I always say work hard, harder then the rest and never ever give up. I have had the same struggles everyone has had to get my name music out there and to put my name on the map.”

What is the current top 10 you are spinning?
01 Nicky Romero – Symphonica
02 Tony Romera – Pandor
03 Michael Woods ft Ester Dean – We’ve Only Just Begun (Extended Mix)
04 Nicky Romero & Calvin Harris – Iron (Dyro Remix)
05 Discopolis – Commited to Sparkle Motion (DubVision Remix)
06 Chuckie & Junxterjack – Make Some Noise
07 Vince Moogin – Love Me Right
08 Nicky Romero & Nervo – Like Home
09 Afrojack vs Oasis – Wonderwall on Acid (David Guetta Mashup)
10 Tommy Trash – Truffle Pig


Boxing Day at Cream in Liverpool is something of an institution in the UK. It is a MASSIVE EVENT!! You are appearing alongside Laidback Luke and Hardwell at the party. What are you expecting?
“Honestly Dan, this will be my first time at the Cream club! I played Creamfields which was amaaaazing! So I am well excited to play Cream, if it is anything like Creamfields was I am in for a huge treat as I had the best time at Creamfields…the crowd was AWESOME!!!
How will you be celebrating Christmas and what are you hoping Santa will bring you this year?
“I make a big point of spending this with my family, I really enjoy being in their company of course, but Christmas is that special time of year which matters the most! Boxing Day it will be time to wreak havoc again. What I have been really hoping for years now is that Santa brings me an Audi R8 kitted out with a V10 engine!! Guess I have to keep wishing eh, but that is the fun part about wanting something really bad.”
You are a huge fan of motorbikes and see solo time on your bike as a huge form of relaxation. What’s all this about stunting though?
Stunting?? Me??? Ha ha.”
Tell us something that surprised you about David Guetta when you got to know him so well…
“What surprised me is the fact that he is one of the most down to earth people I have ever met!! I don’t know how he does it but the man is a legend as a professional and also as a person in general!”
Tell us about Protocol Recordings and your forthcoming releases. Guetta and Tiesto collars…you have so much coming out…
“The next one we have lined up is a track called ‘Like Home’ with NERVO. That is forthcoming on November 12th. After this we might do a track we signed by a young French producer and loads more. I am very to say we have started signing tracks to Protocol, problem is we get soooo many tracks we nearly can’t keep up, that being said I consider it an honor too, so thanks everyone for considering Protocol as an outlet for your music. I try to listen to everything but that is a hard task.”

So many people think the life as a huge DJ on tour is so glamorous, private planes, VIP treatment, celebrity parties. But it isn’t is it? Tell us about a normal day on tour for you and how it doesn’t drive you mad?
“What you state is true, don’t get me wrong my life is awesome, I would not trade it for the world and yes I meet loads of interesting people and even grab the occasional private jet here and there but it can be quite exhausting too. When I tour my life consists of flying on a plane, getting into the city I gig, checking into a hotel, doing a soundcheck, then the gig, go to bed and get up the next day usually after 4 hours sleep max to start travelling to make it to the next gig. In between I record my radio show, do my podcast, listen to promos, prepare for my set, make edits make tracks, do emails, speak to my management team about all kinds of stuff and numerous other activities! So it is hard work but I love it. Sometimes people only see the glamorous side of our world but it definitely has a busy side to it, I am not crying about it because there are loads of other jobs I would not dream of wanting to do every day for which I have the greatest respect for, but it is not always sunshine and rainbows for us artists either.”


What has been the best gig of 2012?
“I am not being political here but a better question would be what wasn’t a good gig in 2012, it has been absolutely amazing so far! I love to play and wherever I have been the last year it was absolutely amazing with the odd exception here and there, but overall I am a very happy guy!”
And biggest track of the year?
“2012 was so packed with good music to be honest it would too hard to name just one track guys sorry!”
And finally – what is already confirmed for you in 2013…?
“Loads hehe! Got so much stuff on for the next year it would be too much to explain, just keep up with me on my social and other online outlets if you like, one thing I can promise, big things are coming and the next year will be a blast!!