Herman Olvik (Olwik) is a DJ/producer from Sweden. Still super young Olvik has had a strings of successful original releases, and his unofficial Halsey remix earned recognition from Billboard and paved the way for a deal with Danish label Disco: Wax. His stats speak for themselves! Over 13 Million Spotify streams, 15 million YouTube views, 9 million Soundcloud go to show OLWIK’s popularity. His music has been played around the world, including at Tomorrowland, UMF, and EDC Las Vegas. He’s received track support from Tiësto, MAKJ, and Blasterjaxx while providing tour support for Dada Life, Michael Feiner, and more. His new single ‘You Got Me’ showcases a more mature sound on a dance track that evokes classic house vibes.



Hi Herman! Thanks for speaking to DMCWORLD today. What have you been up to lately?

Hi DMCWORLD! I’m excited to be on here. This year I have started doing gigs outside of Sweden which is a big step in my DJ career. Output in New York, IMS Ibiza and the Panda Electronic Festival in China, and they have all been amazing experiences. Advancing as a DJ has definitely sparked some new inspiration for me in the studio, and I’ve been producing a lot of new music — originals, remixes and mashups to fit my live sets.

Your new single ‘You Got Me’ featuring Terri B! is just about to be released. For those yet to press play on the release, how would you describe the track

It is joyful, melodic, energetic and it has a classy disco house vibe…

It’s a great anthem for the radio and club scene. What was the inspiration behind it?

My main inspiration for this song came from the sensations I had from listening and dancing to music produced by disco artists like Joey Negro, Angelo Ferreri, even the band Chic. That’s how the song first came to be at the time we recorded Terri B!’s brilliant vocals on it. The first draft was without most of the synth sounds and with brass being the main element. It wasn’t until I invited Dance Cartel to the project that we turned it into this synth melody based song that everyone loved.

What are you looking for when working with other artists?

Primarily that I can somehow evolve artistically or musically from working with them, secondly to make friends. It has been the case with all collaborators in the upcoming Supercool EP. I feel like I have evolved in a big way from working with all of those artists and that we have connected really well.

Could you give one production tip that you use on your tracks

Using a real emotion or feeling to express as a context to the vocalist’s expression. Using that as the starting point has always been something I’ve done in my songs, even the earlier songs from when I was 17. A technical production tip I learned recently is that raising the master treble during mixdown most often allows for a more dynamic mix.

What’s your dream studio collaboration

Right now it’s Dua Lipa. A timeless voice, and a very contemporary artist, and she sounds superb on house records. I would love to work and learn from her mindset in the studio.

What would you be doing if you didn’t do music

I would be focusing harder on my athletic career in high jump. I would also be studying either mathematics or physics, which are also big interests of mine that I got since high school.

Before you leave us, what’s next for OLWIK this year or even to come in 2019!

First up ADE. Hopefully meeting with a few bookers in Europe or America to play more shows and continuing to build my experience which is one of my goals for 2019. I will also likely be doing more shows in China which I am super excited about. Production-wise I am aiming to release some interesting club tracks so definitely stay tuned for that!


OLWIK, Dance Cartel & TerriB! Newsingle ‘You Got Me’is OUT NOW on the legendary Disco:wax imprint…

Stream it: https://open.spotify.com/track/4xMY8zPGK4OKsR2GKdKDi4?si=pQfQ02sTSJ-3BIw9Iyvctg

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