Raised on the Manchester club scene in the early Nineties, ONYVA knows exactly how to rock a dance-floor! As he continues to unleash club weaponry on his ON IT Recordings label, with his latest bomb ‘Disco Got His Revenge’ decimating the clubs, Ratha Gud checks in to find out more…


Hi ONYVA, welcome to DMCWORLD! Where are you in the world right now? 

Right now I’m on a plane between UK and Paris.

What’s the best new record you’ve heard this week? 

I had a good session at my studio at home in the UK this weekend. One of the tracks I finished called ‘Hang On’ I am very happy with it, so I have to say that!

What’s the story behind your artist name? 

I’m afraid nothing too exciting. I just wanted to pick something other than my own name and something I felt right. I got to ONYVA as its similiar to Oliver and it means “lets go” in French.

Can you tell us about your background in music and what turned you on to making house music specifically?

The love for House Music came first in the early Nineties, then wanting to learn to DJ in around 1996, followed by production in the late Nineties. I think its a natural progression when you are passionate about something, you want to dig deeper and deeper and immerse yourself. That’s how my mind works anyway.

You run your own label ON IT Recordings, how are things going with that and who can we expect to hear on label? 

Yeah its still early days, but we are up to release 5 now and the feedback from seasoned artists has been wicked. We are getting some mega support. Out now is my remake of ‘Disco Revenge’ with a killer Hott Like Detroit remix. I’m excited for our latest signing which is a wicked release from Jey Kurmis. I will be doing a remix and we have some heavy hitters lined up too.

You’ve had tracks out with CR2, Phonetic and more, so what made you take the plunge and set up your own imprint as opposed to just signing tracks to other labels?

I guess I wanted to build a brand and hopefully leave a legacy in the house scene. I have big plans for ON IT over the coming years.

So about your new single ‘Disco Got His Revenge’, what made you choose this huge classic ‘Disco’s Revenge’ to sample and how’s it going down in the clubs?

I actually sampled the original track that Gusto sampled as well, but of course the inspo was from the Gusto track that is a stonewall classic. Its a riff that stands out and I felt it could work in a more modern arrangement with more modern drums and a tech feel. It’s going down really well!

Hott Like Detroit have delivered a cracking remix, how did you hook up with them? 

Yes it is! It was through a mutual friend, they are based near Manchester too.

Who or what inspires your music? 

The dancefloor! I have been clubbing since the early 90s and pretty much done the full circle all over the world. I know what works on the floor and try and take that element into my tracks. Also old skool house is close to my heart, so you will notice some of my tracks have that influence.

What’s the essential piece of studio kit to ONYVA’s sound? 

There are quite a few “must haves”. Currently I would say its my UAD DSP. A few of those plugs are next level.

We come to your house and raid your record collection, which embarrassing record do you need to chuck out the window as we arrive?  

Ha! Not sure I have any! I have a big vinyl collection of around 5,000 vinyls, but they are pretty much all electronic music. Maybe a old rave tune that is borderline cheese!

Which record makes you say “damn, I wish I’d made that”?

Wayyyy too many! If I had to pick one go for Sasha – Xpander. What a tune by Sasha and Charlie!

ONYVA – Disco Got His Revenge (incl. Hott Like Detroit Remix) is out now on ON IT Recordings

Preview: https://www.beatport.com/release/disco-got-his-revenge/2150758