Panik Pop

Great to meet you! What’s happening with you right now?
Hey, good morning guys, I´m fine, thank you for having me.
Can you remember the first time you heard music, what it was, what you felt?
Yeah, of course… I just listened to some punk music on the radio, later I bought my first “Green Day” LP. At the beginning of 2009, I got the first impressions with club and electronic music. I grew up with Anthony Rother’s sound. I felt it so much.
When did you first get in to dance music and why?
My friends dragged me into the clubs and after a few years of partying and listening to other DJs, I bought my first drum computer and things took their course. I think it was 2012.
And how long until you started making it? What sounds were you making?
About 2 years later I played my first gig in 2012. Just started with really hard techno sound about 145 bpm. Crazy… At this time, I only knew hard kicks, claps and melodic bass… much bass 😀
How have you evolved since then? Do you have more ability to say what you want with your music?
Since the first steps in hard techno, my music has definitely calmed down. I think my productions have a good foundation. Not a crack in mixdown/mastering but I’m definitely on the right track. I can lose myself in beautiful melodies and harmonies, that’s my way to work up the daily routine and sometimes my crazy DJ weekend life.
About your new album ‘Isolated’ – where and when was it written? Does that matter?
At first, I didn’t want to create an album. In the middle of last year, I had some cool stuff for about 3 EP´s. So I sent it to my friend and label manager Carsten –  after a few weeks, we decided which tracks fit well together. Isolated, the title track of my album was the first song I wrote at the beginning of 2018. All the other songs I produced between April and October. Just a really intensive time with many ups and downs.
How do you feel about it now you’ve had time to have some space away from it? Are you happy with it?
In the end, I´m happy with it. „Isolated“ reflected many facets, thoughts and emotions of my life and lifestyle. And one of my biggest wishes, to create an LP, came true.
Did you enjoy the process or was it more torturous?
Something from both.
It is called Isolated – Is that how you feel?
During the production, definitely yes :D.
I love to be isolated and work with my thoughts in my own world.
What else have you got coming up?
After a studio break and a little tour, I want to go back to the studio and work on more upcoming stuff,  hopefully for 2019. Meanwhile, I found some new space for new music. And during that, I will wait for the official release and feedbacks of „Isolated“.

Panik Pop’s ‘Isolated’ LP is out on 24th May on Grain Audio
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