PBR Streetgang

DMCWORLD meet Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe aka PBR Streetgang. The duo from Leeds smash the Essential Mix this weekend for Tongy ahead of the release of their brand new single…the  boys are on a roll and the summer has only just begun…

You’re doing the Essential Mix this Friday night, what does it mean to you to be doing this for the first time?

It means a great deal to both of us, it’s something we’ve been listening to for 20 years and it was part of our gateway into dance music. You dream about one day doing an Essential Mix but you never really thinking you’ll get asked, so its feels very special.

Following up, you’ve also got a new single coming out this Friday, have you been listening to anything else that’s just been released? Is there currently anything that’s rocking your world?

Lots! To name a few off the top of my head…

Keita Sano – Can’t Wait The Party [Lets Play House]

Detroit Swindle – Freeqy Polly [Heist]

Ron Basejam – After the Sun [Futureboogie]

Jex Opolis – DZE [Good Timin’]

With the sad passing of Avicii, a lot has come to light about artists and DJs keeping fit and healthy whilst they’re on the road, how important is it for you to keep a balance in your life?

The older you get, the more important it feels. When your young, you feel like your invincible, but after 15 years at this you start to feel it more on a Monday. Therefore, you have to start looking after yourself if you want to carry on being in this position of doing what you love for a living.

How has the response been to the new album since you released it in January?

Amazing! We’ve had some great feedback and some from places we didn’t even expect it to reach (including Elton John!) which is great. But there’s still more to come.

Of all the tracks featured, what made you choose ‘Montu’ to use for a new remix?

For us, its one of the ‘big’ tracks on the album and we always wanted to give it a single release on its own. So when its came to remixers, we wanted big, and for us they don’t come much bigger than Paul Woolford!

What future gigs have you got coming up? Any slots at Festivals this season?

Summer is a busy one for us next few months look like this:

2/6 – Inner City Electronic Festival, Leeds

8/6 – Ibiza Rocks Hotel, Ibiza

8/6 – Bal Fashions, Sheffield

9/6 – Gottwood Festival, North Wales

15/6 – Cuckoo Land, Ibiza

16/6 – Studio 338, London

28/6 – Love International Festival, Croatia

3/7 – Pacha, Ibiza

11/7 – Obonjan Island, Croatia

14/7 – Widerberg Festival, Amsterdam

21/7 – Vicars Tea Party, Kent

28/7 – Prince Of Wales, London

What has been your favourite gig that you have played so far?

We recently played The Garden Party in Leeds, which was pretty special! Essentially, it’s an outdoor daytime knees-up which are normally the best. We’ve both been involved in from the start, it’s now in its thirteenth year and still going strong! We’re helping program one of the stages this year, encouraging longer sets so you can really dig deep into your record collection. We played the last three hours in the glorious sunshine of the last bank holiday – it was mega!

Have you got any pre gig rituals?

A lot of stretching, especially lunges!

What’s the most interesting thing to have happened at one of your gigs?

At one particular festival last year, the entire crowd chanted ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ throughout pretty much all our set. No sure why! It was funny at first, but quickly wore very thin…

You must spend a lot of time together with recording and touring and that must sometimes take its toll on your relationship. Is there anything that either of you does that tends to get on the other’s nerves?

Generally we’re always pretty upbeat with one another. We tend to view touring together as a massive positive ie. wingman vibes. It can be lonely on the road so it’s a bonus being a duo, plus there’s always someone to kick your ass out of bed to make the airport if you sleep through the alarm! Bonar would definitely mention my strange breathing/snoring habits – reckon they could be pretty testing at times!

How do you deal with creative differences?

We meet in the middle with an idea or scrap it.

Has there ever been a time where you have had a major disagreement?

Only who is going to make the next brew!

And finally, for all the budding DJs and gear nerds out there, what equipment would you advise as mandatory to get started with a professional set-up?

If your starting out, I’d always say learn the basics first. So for me, that is two turntables (preferably Technics 1210’s) and a mixer you can afford – if your budget can stretch, go for something good! And if you don’t see yourself playing actual records, then get some pioneer CDJs as they are kind of the industry standard. It’s best you know your way round these than any others.