Tell Me about your label NONSTOP – how did it come about and what is the aim of the label for you?

After many years releasing on many good labels, I had the desire to open something that is mine. Where I don’t have the stress of waiting months to do releases with other labels. I have been lucky to release my music on some of the most important labels in the market and after building my name I came to the decision to open the label and get more freedom. Huge thanks also to all these labels that helped me with growing my profile.

What is the sound of the label – does it stand for one specific style?

No it doesn’t, we like to do different style of modern dance music, from house to techno and deep to minimal. Sure, the genre we mostly focus on is Tech House. Not always the same loop tool we hear around, but we look for something different, sometimes with vocals, with melodies…the music needs to have soul.

Since Party Non Stop has been such a big success for you, has there been pressure to follow it up with another big crossover record?

Yes, I still have pressure from my management and agencies, but it was hard after that big track to do something similar. I think that we can call that the track of the life, but I’m always in studio trying to deliver something good to all my fans and I hope to make it again in my career, as when you do a track like “Party Non-Stop” you feel so be proud of your job because you gave people a track that remains in their memories and possibly in the history of dance music.

Your newest track with Bon Homme is a great name to collaborate with. What is it that made you want to work with him?

I’m a big fan of WhoMadeWho and Bon Homme is one of my favourite artist ever. He already did many collaborations in the previous years with some producers that I really love, so I thought I could do something with him too. Something different and not my usual tech house stuff, so we created a very nice and intense deep tech track that we really liked! The track is still doing well and we got support from many big DJ’s and also from artists that never played my music before.

There is a great deal of retro influences in your production, tell me about this and what inspired you to use these influence?

I was born listening different kind of music, from disco to rock, pop to punk, from 70’s to 90’s. My uncle was a DJ and I stole many vinyl from his collections, my father is a musician and he educated me with progressive rock from the 70s and 80s. But when I started DJ’ing my inspiration was Chicago and NYC house and garage music and also a little bit of Detroit Techno. I was fascinated from the sound of USA. Then in 2000 everything changed and the movement moved to Europe, Berlin and London…and yes, definitely London inspired me a lot when I was living there.

You are one of Italy’s most outstanding DJs. Who else is leading the pack interns of different genres of DJs in Italy? who else should we be looking out for?

There are many DJ’s that I like in the Italian scene and I’m proud of what we are doing, great music, amazing gigs and good times for all of us. I don’t like to mention names because I feel that everyone is doing their own amazing thing.

Aside from Nonstop What are some of the other labels that you have released on? Which release are you most proud of?

I really loved my releases on Rebirth Records in the past, it is one of the best quality music labels in the world. Of course Snatch!, Saved, Intec, Drumcode, Crosstown Rebels, Noir and Cecille helped me a lot in building my career but the best release I did was “Party Non-Stop” on Desolat.

Which other producers and DJ’s really stand out for you at the moment? Who is really catching your eye (or ears) that you would like to work with?

There are some that I’m loving at the moment. Metodi Hristov is doing good dancefloor stuff and he also remixed my track with Bon Homme on my label. SIS is doing also good stuff lately and he will release soon on my label too along with Alex Kennon which has become a regular on NONSTOP. I’m also loving guys like Simone Liberali, Andrea Giudice and this new project from Italy called SPAZIOTEMPO that will be released soon on my label too.

Space Ibiza is closing this year – You are playing there also what are our thoughts on that for Ibiza? What will Ibiza be like without space?

Space was the first club I went in my first holiday on the island. After this season a piece of my heart will go, we will loose an institution in the world of clubbing and this is very sad because this club ruled for many years the trends of dance music, the trends of each summer, so an important page will finish, an era of Ibiza clubbing and I can’t image how the island will be without this club. It will be impossible for me to replace it with another venue that will transmit the same emotions, the same vibe, the same parties and of course the same DJs, like Carl Cox who will leave after this season.

Where can we find you playing this year?

It seems to be another busy year as always! this summer I will touring in South America, Australia and New Zealand for the first time. A lot of gigs in Europe, two gigs at Space Ibiza and a lot of things in my home country. Then September I will play again in London after one year off and then ADE Amsterdam, USA etc. Globe trotters every week.

Pirupa feat Bon Homme ‘Rising’ is out now on Traxsource