Hi POPOF! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. You’ve certainly had a busy 2017 touring – any stand out moments so far?

Hello! Yes, 2017 has been very busy. It started really great, with a big tour in January in South America. It lasted one month and included performing at the BPM festival, as well as playing in Chile, Argentina and Mexico.

We noticed you recently were at Hibernation Festival in Andorra, was that your first time in the country? How was it?

Yes, it was my very first time in Andorra and I really liked it! It was Hibernation’s first edition, with Claptone and Andres Campo amongst others. It was a huge success, despite a snowstorm which occurred on Friday night.

You’re lucky to travel to all sorts of shows and festivals around the world, have there been any sets you’ve watched that have been particularly amazing?

Of course. I’ve watched famous and less famous artists playing incredible sets. I think it’s a transcending moment when you have a perfect combo of the crowd’s energy and enthusiasm in front of you.

Let’s talk about your label, FORM. I read you’ve got an exciting release upcoming with FORM favourite UMEK – could you tell us a bit more?

Yes, UMEK and I regularly keep in touch, and he contacted me recently to submit a track which I found really, really good. I instantly went for it, and I also decided to make a remix because it was such a pleasure for me. There will also be a very cool remix by Mar-T.

What other releases are coming up on FORM?

We have many exciting releases coming up, by talented artists such as Stefano Kosa, Juan Ddd & Celic, Felix Kröcher and System 2…


Your debut album came out nearly 2 years ago now via Hot Creations. I know it took you quite a while to get round to doing this, so do you plan on releasing another full-length anytime soon?

Absolutely. I’ve been thinking about it more and more. I’d like to make a new album more techno-oriented because that’s my current mood right now. Back to the roots!

You’ve certainly explored a number of different genres from hardtek to techno, minimal and house. Are there any other genres or styles you’d like to further pursue, perhaps even out of the Dance genre?

I’ve been jamming these past years with a bunch of Funk, Hip-Hop and rock bands, playing various instruments. So I experimented with lots of different genres outside electronic music. I think that when you create music and when you are truly passionate about music you simply cannot limit yourself to one style; it’s impossible.

One interesting topic we’d like to discuss is the length of a DJ’s set. London club Phonox books one DJ for the whole night as opposed to multiple DJs doing relatively short sets – What’s your view on this? Would you prefer to be booked for a whole night or do you not mind shorter sets?

Doing an all-night set allows us to play tracks we wouldn’t usually play and have a different musical approach, because you have to create, build and make evolve so many various vibes throughout the night. At the same time, you have to make the crowd embark on your trip, join your world … and dance. To be honest I prefer playing two or three-hour sets – it did happen a couple of times that I’d played for six hours without realising it though, because I was having so much fun. It really depends on the crowd’s energy and mood.


We know you tend to not plan much when you DJ, instead feeling the vibe of the crowd – but could you tell us about a few records you always bring that guarantee the place will go off?  

Well, like every DJ I have a few tracks under my sleeve which are sure to set fire to the dancefloor. Their styles are varied, some are classics and others aren’t, but they’re safe bets. I don’t have specific names in mind but some of my own stuff back from the day such as Mr Orange, Head Cleaner or DJ Rush’s remix of “Mother-Fucking Bass” still do the job very efficiently.

Ibiza is just around the corner… what plans have you got over on the island this Summer?

It’s always nice to be in Ibiza. I have a few dates but I’m particularly excited about the Cocoon and Keep on Dancing parties. I know they will be hugely fun.

Thanks for your time POPOF! Finally, could you name a few French producers who the readers of DMC World should check out?

Of course. Check out all the Form team producers! There’s Julian Jeweil, OXIA, Animal & Me … and me too!!