Andy Daniell

New ‘Bargrooves’ Piece Of Magic Coming Our Way

Andy Daniell is a busy man. Not content with A&Ring for both Defected and Strictly Rhythm, he also teams up with Sandy Rivera to deliver some storming club anthems. He mixes and compiles the ‘Bargrooves’ compilation series, the latest edition of which  ‘Over Ice II’  has just had a stunning makeover courtesy of Japanese artist Dragan….

You’ve compiled and mixed a number of Bargrooves compilations now… how does this one compare to the others ?
“I think with the awesome new artwork from Dragan gives the compilation a fresh look and feeling and I really wanted to echo that with the music. Musically, I think my favourate previous ‘Bargrooves’ compilations that I worked on were the ‘Summer Sessions’ and ‘Over Ice’, this time around I wanted to do something that was up there with those but for me, on a personal level.”

Do you think there’s the demand for another house compilation?
“The house compilation market is certainly crowded but I really like to think that quality can shine through. I always try to put records on there that are a cut above the rest. Also as its ‘Bargrooves’ rather than Defected, I can branch out musically and look to license tracks that I love, would maybe like to sign but they aren’t quite right for Defected. So this allows me to still use these tracks that are great but in a slightly different way.”

The new album, a mix of big tunes and some slightly more obscure ones…
“I think it’s important to have a good balance of more accessible records and slightly less known records. For example, in house music at the moment I don’t think there is a bigger record than Dennis Ferrer’s ‘Hey Hey’, so obviously that had to be on there. On the other side of things, a record like Precious System ‘The Voice of Planet Love’ is more on a underground tip –  but that doesn’t stop it being a great record, so it’s perfect for this CD.”

Joris Voorn’s name appears more than once… are you a big fan of his?
“Yes I’m a huge fan of Joris and the direction he has taken in the past few years. He took over techno and now he is taking over house. Records like Chase The Mouse and his remix of Dosem’s ‘Beach Kisses’ are just inspired and represent real quality.

Personally, what do you think you bring to the series?
“Well, I bring the music side of it! I try to dig deep and find things people may have missed and couple that with more well known records and bring it all together into something that is coherant – and works for DJ’s and people who just want a good listen alike, it’s not always easy, but it’s very rewarding once it’s all come together and getting to see the final product.”

How would you like to see the series progress over the next year or so?
“Well with Dragan’s awesome artwork, the visual side of thing is in some very safe hands and that only inspires me to find new and exciting music coupled with some more classic titles. So for me the series is progressing and continuing what we have tried to do from the start and that’s to stand for real good quality music.”

‘Bargrooves’ has been described by some as “a poor man’s ‘Hed Kandi’, how would you respond to that?
“You can’t deny the impact ‘Hed Kandi’ has had. Many of us bought the albums when they started, but I feel recently musically they have lost their way and what made them great. I think you really have to stand for something musically, or at least stand for quality. ‘Hed Kandi’ these days feels more style over substance to me personally, but I think there is enough room in this world for all of us. So we’ll keep trying to make the best quality albums that we can and hopefully people will continue to like what we do.”

What are your own plans for 2010, gig and release-wise?
In 2010 the majority of my time will be spent working at Defected & Strictly Rhythm. It’s so exciting to hunt down a record you love and to get someone you are passionate about to remix it and see something new be created. So as well as that, I’ll be gigging on weekends as much as possible and between all that I really should find time to go in the studio again and try and make another record or two.”

What’s these rumours about Amsterdam?
“Our website Editor’s behavour in Amsterdam perhaps? Although I think some things are best left unsaid… Haha!

Bargrooves Over Ice II – compiled & mixed by Andy Daniell is out 8th February.