DJ Sneak

What’s the best night out you’ve ever had?
Tuff to remember cause I’ve had so many good ones, most recent was playing at Silo in Leuven Belgium for Foods 8th year anniversary…

What’s your favourite club?
The Supper Club in Amsterdam, nothing beats a club where you can smoke, chill and eat!

What’s your favourite record of all time?
Armando – Land of confusion.

What record can’t you stand?
Anything cheesy and commercial.

What record did you loose your virginity to?
Steve Hurley – Jack your body.

What was the first record that you bought?
Phuture – Acid traxx-traxx records.

What was the last record that you bought?
Swirl People, special combo LParoma.

Name your three biggest influences?
Derrick Carter, Todd Terry, Mike Dunn.

What’s your poison?
Bad Music.

Who would play you in ‘Sneak’ the movie?
Fat Joe.

What’s your dream?
To make people dance to good House Music.

How do you escape?
Sit on my couch, turn off the phones, chill with my girlfriend and my dogs, and watch a good movie.

What is your favourite possession?
My Mind.

What’s your greatest passion other than music?
Having sex.

What / Who makes you laugh?
My dogs.

When was the last time you committed a crime?

What is your life philosophy?
Be well, watch your Karma, respect others, enjoy the good things in life.

What is the best piece of advice that you have been given?
Follow your dreams.

What is in your pockets?
Money, skins, a sac of weed.

If you were an animal what animal would you be and why?
A dog, dogs are cool…

You are having a party whom, dead or alive is on the guest list?
Jerry Garcia, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, The Roots, Funkadelic, a truck full of booze and about 200 of my closest friends.

When was the last time that you embarrassed yourself?
I called someone in California thinking It was my friend Wally Callerio and said “when was the last time you did a bong hit mutherfucker???” and it was the wrong number. Funny shit…

Tell us something that we don’t know about?
Jason Hodges, he loves Asian porn…