Legends…Words from our dance music superstars.

This week, South American DJ god Hernan Cattaneo

Hernan – you are one of the world’s biggest DJs that have arrived on our clubbing circuit from a country never experienced anything like the superstardom that you have done. Where did it all begin?

 “As far back as I remember I always been crazy about music. I got turntables when I was 12 and started to play parties at my neighborhood at 14. But of course things got going when house music started and a night called ‘Clubland’ at Pacha which was a revelation for the scene in Argentina. I was resident every Saturday opening up for all the big international DJs and I learnt a lot from them, but I always retained  the South American approach of DJing which is playing a very, very wide range of music.”

What did you listen to as a kid getting into music in your early clubbing years?
“Funk, Soul, European Electronica and of course the early house stuff. A big variety from Pink Floyd to Talk Talk, and from 4AD stuff to Chicago House.”

What clubs over the years have rocked your world?

“So many. The now defunct ‘Yellow’ in Tokyo is my all time favourite but also ‘Womb’, ‘Space’, ‘Warung’, ‘Stereo’, and ‘Studio Martin’.”

What’s been your best Ibiza memory?
“Again, so many. Being a resident at Cream at Amnesia to the Renaissance night’s at Pacha. Many great seasons on the island over the years. Playing Mambo gives me great memories too…”

What’s the clubbing like back in your home country?

“There´a very good scene in South America and the really special are the big events – ‘Creamfields’ in Buenos Aires attracts 60,000 people every year and then there´s the ‘Moonpark’ events. Like a club but on a big scale for 8000 and they rock. I just did one myself 2 weeks ago and it was unreal. Latin Americans are great for clubbing – they love dance music and they really know how to express themselves…”

What other DJs are doing it over there – and what DJs worldwide set you on fire?

“Many South Americans are doing great stuff. From worldwide known like DJ Marky or Gui Boratto to the more up and coming like Martin Garcia, Soundexile, Mos or Deepmariano. All great.”

What have you got coming up production wise?

“I’m working on setting up a digital label soon so I’ve been working on a few on collaborations to start that project which has got me busy enough, especially during the Summer season when I have been touring non stop.”

Excited about ‘The Gallery’ night at the Ministry Of Sound coming up?

“Of course. This year been really good, I’ve DJ’d at four of their parties and each time they got better and better. The crowd is really enthusiastic and the room and sound system is the best – so I am really looking forward to it!”

Hernan will be DJing alongside Sister Bliss, Timo Garcia, Guy Gerber, Ricky Stone and Eric Kupper at The Ministry this Friday, September 26th. 10.30pm until very late…