Cool In The House

Karizma is the adept Baltimore bred US house DJ that has set the standard for many over the past decade. He remains one of the most in demand DJs on the house circuit and was formerly part of the renowned Basement Boys with DJ Spen and Teddy Douglas. Now an uber successful producer in his own right and a leader in the US house scene. A big Strictly Miami CD coming out with Eddie Thoneick on March 15th. Here we go…

Hi dude, what are you working on at the moment?

“I’m remixing a George Levin record for BBE, a new artist called Mahon for R2 Records and then more work, work, work…”
How was 2009 for you…what were your highlights?
“My album ‘Mind of it’s Own V2.0 –  The Upgrade’ coming out and doing some touring for it’s release was great, plus meeting and connecting with Waajeed from Bling 47. We’re are going to collaborate on some projects this year.”
Everyone seems to be doing Miami compilations these days…what makes this one stand out from the crowd?
“I think it’s always about the music selection, and the way its delivered that makes it stand out, so hopefully people will be able to see the quality in this mix. I just wanted to do a mix that is close to how I would play at a club; some new, some old and some of my edits that I’m known for doing. I used three Pioneer DJ 1000s (MK3), Asr-10, Native Instruments Machine, Akai APC 40 and Abelton Live 8 to create the mix.”
There are a few of your own productions on there – including your edit of ‘Hey Hey’ – tell us about them…
“I knew when I put the mix together, some of the songs have been played to death and I always try to do something different whenever this happens. For instance, I  received the ‘Hey Hey’ accapella and was just gonna do a mashup of it and then I thought “that’s taking the lazy way out, get your ass in gear and just do a version”. So I did and that’s how that came about…same with ‘Mirror Dance’ and ‘Spells of Yoruba’. Lastly, I did an edit of a Yoruba artist called Jimmy Abney. I loved his album and thought it should have gotten more shine than it did, so I did an uptempo version of his beautiful song ‘Crazy Love’. If there was enough time I probably would have remixed or re-edited everything on the comp!”

Tell us about one of your most best memories from Miami WMC…
“I guess going to WMC when it was actually about the music and having one of my records – ‘The Ride’ getting signed to Defected.”

So going to WMC when “it was actually about the music” – is it over hyped these days, has it a long term future?

“I think these days it is overhyped; it’s not about the music anymore. I remember going to WMC to get away from the studio and to hear what the new sounds were and where music was going. Now it’s basically party central, with no reflection on the music, and let’s not even talk about how expensive it gets with every year that passes. I hope something happens to correct the problem.”

What’ coming from you 2010?

This is my year for collaborations and travelling to places I haven’t played yet. I also want my fans to see the other side of Karizma aka Kaytronik as I unfold my hip-hop/dubstep/experimental roots.
Strictly Miami mixed by Karizma and Eddie Thoneick is released March 15th