Marcel Woods

No Peace In This Valley

Dutch born Marcel Woods spins Trance music that few others can. In 2006 Woods produced a huge hit ‘Advanced’ which became, with the help of DJ Tiësto, one of the anthems of that year. DMC here we go…
How would you describe the sound of Marcel Woods?
“Raw, energetic and hard to pigeonhole!”

When you are standing in front of a crowd of thousands of people on a stage, how do you want them to feel…?
“That they have a great time out, and that they hear music that dares to surprise and will leave them hungry for more.”

If you had to choose one person dancing under a mirror ball with you on a Saturday night – who would it be…?
“An old friend that passed away in a car accident, I always loved his smile on his face when he was having a good time. (R.I.P)”

Our dance music world is changing, day by day. What is your point of view on machines vs real instruments – as a performer?
“That I can work with machines, but not with the real live stuff, sadly enough.”

You are without doubt one of the pioneering trance DJs on the worldwide scene DJ wise now, how on earth do you keep on top of a game what must be so difficult never really being at home?
“I just do what I want, so sometimes it gets there quick, sometimes slow. Sometimes people like it, sometimes they maybe don’t. But if I like it myself, I’m happy enough. So it’s all about my own taste and the direction I’m heading for. I like to challenge myself in the studio exploring new techniques and sounds.”

What are your current top 3 tracks?
“These three are the ones that are truly rocking my set right now…
Marcel Woods – The Bottle
Jonas Stenberg – Trademark
DaDalife – Cookies with a smile”
What are you working on at the moment?
“I’m currently working on my first artist album, and it’s getting there I hope…Ha ha! Has been a long road trying to get this album completed to the time schedule I set myself but all the long hours will be worth it. At this stage in the production I am really happy with the state of the album and where its heading musically, still a long way to go though. I am also about to launch Volume 2 of Musical Madness compilation series, which is out on June 4th on High Contrast records. I will also be following the launch up by embarking on a world tour to promote the album throughout the summer. Check out MySpace for tour