After a short hiatus MYNC are back, bigger and bolder. New members bringing around new direction, do you see MYNC as a ‘Sugababes’ situation where anyone is replaceable or more like a ‘Pussycat Dolls’ situation where the backbone remains and changes can go on around it? And whilst we’re at it which group would you take out for a drink or two?
I think its simply about what works at the time. There has to be a synergy between members of an act everyone has to be on the same wave length musically and have the same vision combined with an equal amount of enthusiasm in order for it to work. Being part of an act is like having a second family which is really important to us.

It would have to be Black Eyed Peas – we are big fans of their work and they are good laugh,  we hung out with them at Space in Ibiza a couple of years back – great fun! We would love to work with them in the future…

The synergy between MYNC and the label CR2 is an obvious one considering Mark is head honcho for the label but how would one decide with MYNC tracks stick with the label and which go elsewhere?
Cr2 is all about good quality house music we sign music that we would play out and the same goes for what we write so naturally MYNC fits the Cr2 sound. However if we wanted to reach an alternative audience we may look at working with another label from a different angle

With pretty much unlimited access to fresh new music how much does exclusive and often unheard material feature in an MYNC set?
MYNC sets are often a testing ground for unsigned releases and the reactions we receive in the club can often sway a decision, so a fair bit of the music we play is unheard and exclusive. Also we do re-edits and bootlegs for our sets which adds an exclusive element.
Your A&Ring skills can be called one of the best in the scene and quantified by the The Egg vs David Guetta and Fedde Le Grand chart toppers. Is there a blueprint that you follow for unearthing these tracks or is there some sort of Sixth Sense thing going on??
There is no formula, we simply sign music that we believe to be good and that we are passionate about. Some of this music has crossover potential and some is more underground.

The Egg vs David Guetta was of course, a bootleg track, and others have graced the charts over the years such as ‘Tocas Miracle’. What is your take on bootlegs and mash ups in general?
If they are done well and both records compliment each other, then the results can be really good and they are great Dj tools. Having said that there are some mashups that really don’t work.

Originally when MYNC began it was all about 4 decks and 2 mixers. Times have changed so much, with the advancements of technology and MYNC are reflecting that. Do your sets require a lot of planning with all the equipment and personnel involved or do you like to freestyle a lot of it?
We now have the addition of 2 Traktor boxes, 2 laptops and controllers for FX but we still have the 4 decks 2 mixer setup for traktor scratch. We feel that the visual aspect of us physical mixing records/CD’s creates a better performance. We do try to plan our sets a bit more but in reality this rarely happens so the sets are very much freestyle. The beauty of the 4 deck setup is we can chop and change style very quickly which allows us to think on our feet whilst reading the crowd.

You are ambassadors of Pioneer. If you were able to be sponsored by 2 other brands or companies who would you pick and why?
Native Instruments is a company that we use a lot of in the studio and for Djing so that would be cool.

Being sponsored by Nandos would be amazing and would save us a fair bit of money on lunches.
Time to dish the dirt. What is each of the other members worst and best habits?
I (Mark) am an early riser which I think Chris finds quite testing after a gig! Generally Im quite hyperactive but Chris is mega chilled so we compliment each other perfectly

Over the years my eyes have often seen MYNC to read the latter part as NYC. Have you fallen foul of many a misspelt flyer or press release or should I get my eyes tested?
It does have an NYC ring to it doesn’t it but we are fortunate that the MYNC brand has been established for some years and people recognise the correct letter ordering so so far we haven’t had any mishaps.

Can you explain what the Kinky Malinki faithful will experience from MYNC in four words that start with each letter of MYNC?
Ooh that’s tricky…