What’s The Best Night Out You’ve Ever Had?
Last time I was in Riga with friends of mine ( No it was not a stag party).

What’s Your Favourite Club?
Has to be the venue I’ve had my Beatformers club running for 10 years –
Yo Talo at my home town in Finland. Generally I like small clubs.

What’s Your Favourite Record Of All-time?
Orbital Brown Album or Ultramagnetic MC’s : Critical Beatdown.

What Record Can’t You Stand?
Often what ever is the national chart number one.
I like to listen to music I don’t like though – you can always learn

What Record Did You Lose Your Virginity Too?
Yet it was a carefully planned musical like event – there was no record on

What Was The Last Record You Bought?
Vinyl: MC Twist and the Def Squad – Digital release : Fake Blood : Mars

Name Three Of Your Biggest Influences…
James Brown , The Prodigy and Biz Markie

Who Would Play You In ‘Rico Tubbs’ The Movie’
Will Ferrell

What’s Your Dream?
To have Will Ferrell play Rico Tubbs the Movie

How Do You Escape?
I make a rope from my dreads.

What Is Your Favourite Possession?
Just got new Nokia N95 – its pretty much priceless when travelling – now
where’s my Nokia sponsorship?

What Is Your Life Philosophy?
“Say yes to everything” – Most often it’s difficult to follow through though…

What’s In Your Pockets?
The jeans are so tight I only carry the essential minimum : credit
cards, cash & earplugs

If You Were An Animal, What Animal and Why?
Vulture – I’m into scavenging and sampling other people’s work. Vultures have skinny legs and big beaks too.

You Are Having A Party, Whom Dead Or Alive Is On The Guest List?
Everyone has to pay!!  Well maybe my closest friends would be on the list – celebrities, artists and such could make the party awkward.

When Was The Last Time You Embarrassed Yourself?
I do it often – probably in this interview.

Tell Us Something That We Don’t Know About ”Rico Tubbs’
“Knuckle Sandwich” album is out at the end of June on Menu Music!

Rico Tubbs “Knuckle Sandwich” the album is out at the end of June on Menu Music
Take a little bit of Baltimore, add a dash of rave stabs, throw in a little hip hop sample here and there, then allow to cook for 6 minutes with a massive bassline and what do you get? This amazing LP that will blow you mind with massive support from the likes of Sinden, Annie Mac, Switch, Crookers, Hannah Holland and Ras Kwame. It’s the perfect melting pot of musical styles with a good dose of fun thrown in for good measure.



Rico Tubbs ‘Knuckle Sandwich’ Tour :-
6 Jun – Bug @ DQ (Sheffield)
4 Jul -Beat Herder festival (Lancashire)
16 jul – Supercharged (Brighton)
18 jul – Glade Festival (Reading)