Robin Schulz

One of the most succesful German artists from the past 20 years continues

Now firmly established as one of the most successful German artists from the past 20 years, superstar Robin Schulz now brings us his second album ‘SUGAR’ featuring collaborations with international stars including Moby, Akon, Disciples, Moguai and many more. In recent months, Schulz has received more than 60 awards including a German ECHO award, his hit ‘Prayer in C’ alone landed him the #1 spot on iTunes in 40 countries and topped the national singles charts in 17 countries…followed by multiple Platinum and Gold certifications. Not to mention his remix of Mr Probz’ ‘Waves’ which was nominated for a Grammy! Dan Prince checks in with one of clubland’s real nice guy’s…

Hey Robin welcome back to DMCWORLD…where on planet earth are you right now?

Hey Dan, I am at a German airport at the moment, just boarding a plane to Japan in the next few minutes…

What was the first piece of music you heard this morning after rolling out of bed?

This isn’t a joke…so I climbed into a taxi and Prayer In C was playing on the radio. Yet again I thought to myself, Robin what a crazy life you have! It happens a lot now hearing my own music. Of course it’s cool…but also a bit weird as well.

I can imagine. Well, exciting times for you at the moment due to the release of your brand new album ‘Sugar’ coming out on September 25th via Tonspiel/Atlantic Records. And what an incredible album it is too dude! Please give us a few words on each of your new musical babies…

– Robin Schulz feat. Ilsey : Headlights

We put Headlights out in Spring, I love the voice of Ilsey. When I heard her for the first time I said immediately that I wanna work with her!

– Robin Schulz feat. Francesco Yates : Sugar

Sugar started out as a bootleg which I made for my DJ sets… it was doing so well that I thought this has to be a single. My management got me in touch with Francesco Yates, when I first heard his voice I didn´t know that this guy was so young. He wrote some incredible new verses for it and I love it crazy that we went again to No. 1 with it in the charts. And I know that Francesco will be a big star in a few years, I’m so happy that I was allowed to work with him at the beginning of his career.

– Robin Schulz feat. Akon : Heatwave

I love it – and I loved working with Akon as well. I think it could be a single…just nice to listen to it. A no brainer.

– Robin Schulz & Disciples : Yellow

I met the Disciples on a gig on my WMF Miami party, great guys, great talent…love the track.

– Robin Schulz & J.U.D.G.E. : Show Me Love

One of my faves on the album and for sure a single…very special.

– Robin Schulz & M-22 feat. Aleesia : Love Me Loud

Love the M22 guys..they made a big track this summer… happy to have them on board.

– Robin Schulz & soFLY and Nius : Pride

I love this classic track from Marvin Gaye…there has been many versions with this sample before but I think this one is really special.

– Robin Schulz & HEYHEY : Find Me

Me and my boys from HEYHEY have been in the studio together…we wanted to do something more clubby…and we ended up with Find Me. Love it.

– Robin Schulz : Titanic

Funnily I did this song for a big US pop star…but it turned out very complicated. But I liked it so much I wanted to keep it on my album

– Robin Schulz : This Is Your Life

A very easy track to listen to whilst riding in the car, hanging out at the beach…whatever!

– Robin Schulz & MOGUAI feat. Solamay : Save Tonight

Moguai is of course a very well known DJ here in Germany, I used to watch his shows when I was a teenager. We met a few times and decided to do something together, funnily he had the idea to work on this classic. To begin with I didn´t even know it was a cover..hahaha! But I like it a lot.

– Robin Schulz feat. Graham Candy : 4 Life

I just love Graham´s voice. It was a big dream working with him together, I have met him on a few occasions now, a great guy and this is one of my favourite tracks on the album.

– Robin Schulz & Henri PFR feat. Jeffrey Jey : Wave Goodbye

Henri is a young Belgian kid that I have been following for a while. I have booked him a few times to open for me in the past and he came up with these vocals which turned out it was the Italian legend Jeffrey Jey.. Already playing this track for a while in my DJ set.

– Robin Schulz & HEYHEY feat. Princess Chelsea : World Turns Grey

This was a bootleg I first did for my DJ sets…then I played it a lot and my management got in contact with Princess Chelsea. So we ended up doing this track together, love her.

– Robin Schulz & Moby with The Void Pacific Choir : Moonlit Sky

It was a big honour working with Moby. When I was asked who I wanted to work with on the album, I said Moby’s name first.

How long did the album take to create?

All in all nearly 9 months.

Horrible question, but give it a go. Which track are you proudest of?

Of course I am very proud of what happened with Sugar and Headlights where we did multiple Gold and Platinum records again. It was nice as everyone thought that after my remix of Waves I would be a one hit wonder – normally I don’t listen to criticism but I have to admit that five hits later it was nice to see those doubters going very quiet! As I said, working with Moby was something which made me very happy but ultimately I am very proud of everything on the album. I had 21 tracks ready and I chose the 15 I thought would fit best, I didn´t want to have any fillers on the album and of course opinions and tastes are different, but I think I have achieved that.

Well young man, what a year you have had. A Grammy nomination for your Mr Probz ‘Waves’ tune, the No. 1 spot on iTunes in 40 countries and over 60 awards including a German ECHO award. But Robin son, are you happy?!?????

Hahaha, yes I am extremely happy! Primarily I am a DJ and am so thankful to play in all of these amazing places that I hve visited over these last 15 months. The success of my records still feels really unreal sometimes, maybe I will wake up in 20 years and think to myself wow look at all these awards!

What has been the highlight of 2015 for you?

The Ibiza season for sure. My first US tour in January and also appearing at many, many great festivals.

I loved those photos you as a 13 year old working the ones and twos. What was your dream back then?

To play in a club or maybe even at a festival one day.

What did your family think of your choice of career, did they want you to try something a bit more safe?

No my parents never forced me to try something more safe. My mom was running a club when I was young, my dad was a DJ so naturally they didn´t want me to start working in a bank…!!

Another summer, another set of storming gigs. How did these rate for you?

Lollapalooza in Berlin

Great festival. First time at such a big one in Berlin…

Electric Zoo in New York

I liked this a lot as well, playing with friends such as EDX, Thomas Jack, Kygo etc.. We had a great afterparty as well!!

Ushuaia in Ibiza

Love this place!!! I had a great summer playing in Ibiza this year, I played a few times with AX/INGROSSO and a few times with David Guetta. Amazing.

Your debut in Las Vegas – give us a great Vegas story!

I only played Vegas once this year, the second time I was sadly really ill. A great Vegas story? Hmmm, I would love to tell you one so I promise to get really wasted next time – which is in 2 weeks! I will give you a great one then…cool?

And finally, gotta ask. When you crave a sugar rush, what do you reach for?