Sandy Rivera

Back to his best deep house form with ‘The Avenue’ – and what a bassline

Welcome back to DMC Sandy, enjoying a great summer touring the world and the release of another superb single. ‘Avenue’ swinging our way in August. The track features the lovely tones of Alisa Fedle. How long has this little beauty been sitting in the bank ready to go?

“This tune is actually a year old for me, but the idea of launching a release together with a video and choosing what tune has postponed it. Now I can say that we managed to pick the song and pull it off! I’m very grateful to all of the people that were involved in the production, especially Alisa for her voice and a masterful video artist who made the video for us for free – Kim Jarrett.”

You made your Ibiza 2012 debut at Pacha in June. How was the night, did you get up top any mischief?

“Pacha was great. Defected always know how to throw a good party in Ibiza… loved the party and the pre-party at Café Mambo. The only thing I still can’t wrap my head around is the way the club changed its layout. It has been ages since I started playing in Pacha Ibiza and this year the DJ booth was moved to the other side of the club. During the set you can feel how nice the change of the booth is.” 

What has been your summer anthem so far?

”I could name a few, but everywhere I go “Show Me” seems to be what people expect to hear me play. This one is definitely the one up there.”

What are the next plans release wise from the Rivera studio?

”Keeping it a secret – kind of works at the moment. Love to get it to my real loyal fans first – the ones who register to my newsletter at “

You have just returned from a tour of Asia – where were the highlights?

“Asia tour felt like a 3 day marathon. Hardly any sleep, but every night was something to remember.  First stop was Shanghai which is always very nice. A lot French people involved at this gig, so I feel like I am back in France at times. Jakarta – another crazy place which was packed with raving people. A long drive but we got there in time. Tokyo gig at Vision, even after all the flights and busy schedule made my weekend worth remembering! It’s a new venue and the people from Air are involved, so they perfected the clubbing experience.”

Do the crowds from each continent differ in any way, for instance does your set have to change from when you are playing in Asia and the UK?

“Deffo! It’s not just the country or a continent. Most of the times it’s enough to enter the club to realise which tracks or music style to choose for the evening. Those who followed me for quite some time now know that I can be very versatile. Luckily for me I tend to play way over the amount of time I should and that allows me to play a lot of tunes. Nevertheless I stay true to a certain sound that separates me as a producer & a DJ.”

Great to see you enjoyed another set at Okku in Dubai and that you have secured a new residency there. Many DJs feel the atmosphere on the Dubai dancefloor is a little subdued, I take it they go right off when you are there!?!

“The bond was there from the begging! That place is all about “class” and has a great mood from the crowd. I don’t have to play anything commercial at all, which is a breath of fresh air. BTW, they definitely know how to treat the artist right!”

What is on a Sandy Rivera rider at your gigs, are you one of these DJs who demand scented candles, champagne and a pile of new towels – or is it a few beers and off you go…?

|What are the scented candles really for? I take an adrenaline shot, a comb for my hair and a foot massage after the gig, but that foot massage almost never happens..”

It’s that time again when DJs start asking people to vote and have the DJ Mag logos on all of the flyers and posters where they are playing to promote the competition. How relevant do you think the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll is any more? The internet has brought the DJ into everyone’s home and surely this competition is a little old hat now?

“Last year was the first time I actually got in with the campaign cause my press agent said I should and it gives him something to do  but frankly I am in the race just for fun. This year I’m in the race ones again and it felt right to get out there with a stronger message. There were a lot of weird things happening in the EDM industry this year. Some of the top DJs started to disrespect the bowl they are eating from, so I’m calling out to the club heads to unite and vote for someone who actually puts an effort into both sides producing & performing… pushing one button and collecting the money is a disgrace to an artist, disrespect to the listeners, but non of it matters if promoters don’t really care. To be honest 80% of the crowd in the club could care less how the music is coming out the speakers, as long as they are having fun while the DJ fakes it or not. The thing for me is some venues don’t set up the DJ booth properly anymore, cause they are testing everything with a computer and monitors need to be in certain place for a real DJ to hear shit properly so we can mix well.”

DMC think a DJ Hall of Fame in Ibiza would be more of a fitting tribute to you lot! What do you think?

“Every artist loves being praised. Would it be Ibiza, Miami or any other hot spot – being a “Hall of Famer” is a good feedback for the work you’ve done. So yeah! WHY NOT? But I would get in only after I kiss the ground…”

And finally, what has been the best club of 2012 so far?

”Vision in Tokyo. It’s dark, no table service. The system is mad. The crowd only wants good music and they go crazy. I usually hate this question cause some venues get mad that I don’t mention them…”

Sandy Rivera feat. Alisa Fedele ‘Avenue’ is out now through Beatport and traxsource

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