DMCWORLD checks in with the French Sony starlet as she relases her new single ‘Watch Me Dance’, the follow up to her debut ‘Sirop’ which reached over 2 million streams. A massive 2018 beckons…



Sara, a huge welcome to DMCWORLD. Where on planet earth are you today?

Hi! Thanks for your warm welcome! I’m currently in my home town, Lyon, France.

What is the best piece of new music you have heard this week?

Eminem’s latest album “REVIVAL“. I really enjoyed it! I’m so glad he came back.

A really exciting time for you at the moment thanks to the release of your new single ‘Watch Me Dance’ out on Sony Music. Please talk us through the history and sound of your new track…

After my first single Sirop I wanted to release a more Funky and groovy song. I was looking for a singer who could be the perfect match and someone told me about Opé Smith. I already knew him because of his musical works and actually I always wanted to work with him. As a result, I reached out to him and he immediately loved the song! Just one hour after hearing the song he called me and sang the melody on the phone. From there I knew he was really inspired and it would be a perfect fit!

If ever there was a young starlet destined for a life in music it was you! Tell us about your music loving family…

Both my parents love music. My mother is a music teacher in middle school in France and my dad used to play a lot of guitar in his free time. My Mom helped me build my classical knowledge and my dad was more into pop-rock music. He used to travel a lot to London, and he would come back with lots of vinyls for us to listen to. I was influenced by their musical taste when I was young. You could find many instruments at home, like an harp, a piano, a guitar and many others instruments from all around the world, so I tried a bit of each!

You were learning cello, piano and attending orchestral class by the age of 8, what was the young life dream back then?

At first, I didn’t know that I would be a DJ/Producer but no matter what, I already knew that it would be related to art or music!

How did the world of dance music first enter your life, I understand the art of DJing came early for you?

I was first introduced to Hip-Hop culture at the age of 13. It became a real passion since then and that’s what propelled me behind the decks. I took my first step as a DJ thanks to Hip-Hop. At that time, I was at school and any free time I had was for spinning vinyl at my local Youth and Cultural Club. That’s where I learnt DJing on vinyl. Then, with my crew, we used to host parties and booked rappers and dancers. As I was living in Paris, I used to hang out in vinyl stores to listen to music all day long while doing my own selecta. A few years later I studied visual communication, DJing / music production and video-making. At the time I started to spin Funk, House and Electronic music in clubs. After that, I was a resident in a club and that’s how I learnt to read the dancefloor.

Who were the producers/DJs you were looking up to in your teens?

DJ Premier! I was obsessed by him but I also liked Timbaland, RZA, Pete Rock, Nerd, etc. I still do though!

What was your first real break into the music/club industry?

My first break into the music/club industry was 8 years ago. I travelled to Switzerland, Bulgaria, Spain and Italy (to name a few) to spin music.

How did you start producing – and where does the real love lie, DJing or producing?

I took music production courses in Lyon and then I spent hours by myself watching online tutorials in my bedroom. I always have a lot of ideas and a lot of unfinished projects…! But the connection with the public is of the essence for me!! I found a great balance between the two by playing my own production to the crowd, and I love it!

Tell us about the club scene in your home city Lyon at the moment…

Actually, I was born in Lille, in the North of France. I was adopted by Lyon 10 years ago. Lyon’s musical scene is great and thriving, especially in electronic music. You can easily find a club or bar to listen to some good music. The city provides several music festivals like the “Nuits Sonores” where artists can perform all around the city.

Your debut single ‘Sirop’ reached over 2 million streams, were you anticipating such huge success?

I produce music in my bedroom since quite a long time ago now, but Sirop was my first real project. Of course, I wanted my song to get great critics, but I was astonished by the success and support it got. Sony Music, my music label gave me this opportunity and I’m so thrilled to see that my 2 nd single is getting the same reactions!!

What was the last AMAZING…

Film you saw

It’s not a movie but a TV Show, Stranger Things! Currently my favorite TV Show.

DJ you danced to

DJ Snake

Location you discovered

Bali, this island is amazing!

Album you listened to all the way through and loved?

One of my favorite albums is “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)“ by the Wu-Tang. And more recently, the latest Kendrick Lamar Album is excellent!

What is coming out next from you studio wise?

Some crazy stuff haha!


‘Watch Me Dance’ is out now on Sony…