The duo from Down Under take on the US. And they’ve only just begun

Interview by Dan Prince

Tom, Adam welcome to DMCWORLD…a massive US & Canada Tour about to explode…where on Planet Earth are you today?

“Thanks for having us! We just got into Dallas after a marathon 15 hour flight, settling in and trying to push through this jet lag haha!”

Well good luck on that one! The tour takes in festivals, major clubs and some legendary venues. Where are you REALLY looking forward to playing?

“We’ve heard so many good things about a lot of the venues on our tour but…we’d have to say we’re especially excited Boomstock Festival in Houston, Avalon in LA and Webster Hall in NY!”

Big new record out for you guys last week, please talk us through the sound and history of ‘Forever’…

“Thanks! We wanted to try something a little bit different to our usual style with this record. This track actually started out as an instrumental but we both really wanted a vocal on it, cue Godwolf, and 2 months later Forever was born. This isn’t a typical bounce record but we always try to experiment in the studio and make sure the music we write reflects our love for the whole “EDM” genre!”

Another tune that is getting the EDM community wetting themselves at the moment is your Remix of TJR & Vinai ‘Bounce Generation’. Martin Garrix and W&W are all over it, the tune is out on Spinnin next week, talk us through your approach to this mix…

“We definitely approached this remix with the intent to put our own spin on it, and because the original is SUCH a great record we needed to find what it was missing, so we started with a new breakdown and from there everything just worked…we’re so proud of the mix and humbled Spinnin are releasing it!” 

We’ve all been excited at your residency at Pacha in Sydney, a great club and a major moment for you – they love you there…!

“Pacha in Sydney is AMAZING! Being part of such an exciting team and having our “We R SCNDL” night has been more than we could have imagined. Seeing it get better and better every time we play is very overwhelming for us!” 

What are the big 5 records in your box right now…

Clap Your Hands – Deorro & MAKJ

Back 2 Front – Joel Fletcher & Reece Low

How We Party – R3hab & Vinai

Bounce Generation (SCNDL Remix) – TJR & Vinai

Forever – SCNDL ft. Godwolf

Looking further ahead there is one mighty date confirmed in your diaries, Your Paradise in Fiji no less…tell us about that little event…!

“Fiji is definitely going to be crazy! They basically get this private island, deck it out with sound/lighting & a bunch of DJs and have a huge f*cking party for 3 nights! Not much more else to say haha.”

It’s that time of year again, the annual DJ Top100. I interviewed Arthur Baker this week, he remarked…“there are too many DJs and genres for a realistic competition, it needs to split”. What are your thoughts on that?

“It’s a great thought! Although it could be problematic if people become pedantic about what genre they belong too (and that there should be more).”

What is the last great studio toy you bought yourself?

“The last thing we bought isn’t really a studio toy but we recently bought a go pro recently and it’s SOO good!” 

It may not be good for our image, but SCNDL really love…

“Playing PlayStation and watching documentaries…for hours!!”  

What is the record that…

…reminds you of your childhood?

“Man in Black – Johnny Cash.” 

…always get you dancing?

“In Da Club – 50 Cent.”

…reminds you of being broken hearted?

“Black & Gold – Sam Sparro.”

…you wish you would have made?

“Tremor – DV & LV & Martin Garrix.”

The last up n’coming DJ/producer you have seen that we should be looking out for…

“Our homie Krunk is killing at the moment, love his work.”

How do you two compliment each other in the studio, who excels where?

“We have an awesome studio vibe, neither of us works specifically in one area, we both do all aspects from sound design to melody writing, it generally just alternates track to track.”

A recent quote from a certain superstar DJ…“I believe true DJing is actually an art, but it’s a dying art, as everyone is pushing the sync button…it’s a real shame when you see a ‘DJ’ plug his laptop in and call this DJing. Music will always evolve but sometimes not in the best way.” What are your thoughts on that?

“For us, the “art” of DJing was never the reason for us getting into this industry, we started because we love writing music and want to share it with the world. Being a great DJ is a huge bonus to a Producer, and we love watching super talented guys spin, but the most important thing to us is the music we write.” 

So you have Australia sussed. You are about to take over the US and Canada…rumours abound that Europe is next on the agenda. What is the plan for 2015?

“World domination? Haha no, but in all serious we’d love to travel as much as we can and play as many new places as possible!”

What is each other’s most annoying habit whilst on tour?

“We’ve never been away for this long together so I guess you’ll have to check back with us in a month! Haha I’m sure we’ll have a few more habits to criticize then.”

A quote from Fatboy Slim…“Electronic house. What a refreshing prospect! EDM is dead, long live EH!” Thoughts?

“We’ve always believed that it’s each to their own, if one person listens to EDM and one person listens to EH, it doesn’t mean either is better or either is dead it’s just their personal preference! Why does EDM have to be dead?”

And finally, what can we expect next from you studio wise?

“We have a whole bunch of new records we can’t wait to release, we’ve tried a few new things on a couple records so we can’t wait to see how they go! We also have a HEAP of collabs with producers all over the world…so expect lots of music!”