Continuing their global footprint, Shermanology delivers the new Guitarra EP on their innovative D’EAUPE imprint. This latest release features two iconic tracks Guitarra and Que te Toca that pronounce their inherent character and reflect upon their Latin roots. DMCWORLD grabs a world exclusive…


Can you describe your sound in three words?

Uplifting, vocal, basslines…

What was the inspiration behind your new Guitarra EP?

We grew up on a small island called Curacao. It’s a dutch island in front of the coast of Venezuela. Growing up, we listened a lot to Latin artists like La India, Marc Anthony, Oscar de Leon and so on. We were always fascinated by the energy of these legends and how their powerful voices would lift the people up. That is our inspiration for this EP.

Can you share any background on producing Guitarra & Que Te Toca?

So we decided to go into the studio and write with that with a salsa vibe in mind. We didn’t know when we recorded the vocal how we would translate it to an electronic track. But we love a challenge when it comes to blending different genres. So once we had the vocals, Andy worked on the music. And that’s how the Guitarra track was born.

For “Que te toca” we had a different approach. We have been friends with DJ Buddha and Maceo for a while, and we always thought about doing a “dem bow” house song. So I made the instrumental with the ‘dem bow’ kind of vibe. I tested it out & I felt that with the right vocal this could be something fresh. Within one day Buddha & Maceo sent us the vocal. I matched the production perfectly. & that’s how we made “Que te toca”.

What are the benefits of working with family?

We have the exact same taste in music. So we never have any discussions about the musical direction. Also on the road it’s great to work with family. Because we know each other’s manuals. We have a few rules that we live by. One of them is to not discuss anything if we haven’t slept or eaten. And as long as we live by these rules, everything goes smooth.

Are there any challenges to working with family? If so, how do you overcome them? 

Yeah sometimes it has its challenges. Andy is the workaholic of the group and Dorothy is a little more laidback. But because we know that both rest & hard work is needed to make this succeed we bounce off each other. The best way to overcome this is to talk a lot to each other about what you feel comfortable doing within the business. That’s how we both have our tasks and it works well.

Tell us more about the creative inspiration and process in the studio…

We approach every track in a different way. To keep the process fun we never work with templates. Our secret is to make sure we challenge each other. Like with Bon Bini we needed it to sound like the original sample. Which wasn’t easy. It took us 2 weeks to get the vocal production right. But that’s what makes it fun. Sometimes Dorothy has a vocal idea. Or sometimes we start with the production and we go back and forward until we have something that we both stand for.

Does the business side of the project find its way to the family dinner table, or is it a purely professional arrangement that gets left at the door?

It never reaches the family dinner table. We have our moments during the day where we discuss business. But we make sure that we separate business and pleasure. We think it’s important to also do things as brother and sister. The business side is important but family first.

How has your parent’s success in music influenced you both and how you currently make music?

Our parents have always been super supportive, our dad is our biggest influence. He is the one who taught us how to sing, how to make music and everything about the music business. He always showed us how to connect with your crowd; he is the kind of person who always gives 100% on stage. It doesn’t make a difference if there are 5 of 50000 people in front of you. We always say that we are an extension of the foundation he laid down for us and we will be forever grateful for that.

Do you have a team behind the machine?

We are a team of people that understand where we wanna go. We have our manager (Mano), our bookers (Meanwhile, Liason,B4 bookings, Oltre bookings) Our sound engineer (Rafa & andy from AmPM) to make the mixes more powerful. Labelworx who we run our labe D’eaupe with and for some release we work with PR companies. That’s about it.

What’s something we don’t already know about Shermanology?

We used to do Motown shows before we started with Shermanology!

Tell us some of your plans for the act as you continue to grow

We are working hard to expand our label D’euape. We wanna give artists a platform where they are allowed to sound and be different.We are also working on our own parties. It’s gonna be a busy year and we are gonna work hard to make it all come together.

Artist : Shermanology

Title : Guitarra EP

Release Date : OUT NOW

Label : D’EAUPE

Catalog : DE009

Track Info :

  1. Shermanology – Guitarra (Extended Mix) 6:45
  2. Shermanology feat. Maceo El Perro Blanco & DJ Buddha – Que te Toca (Extended Mix) 7:37