Wall of Sound’s new signings smash their way into Christmas with their new single Holy Fool ahead of their new album Psychobalistic due for release in 2018. Here they return with more RDM action, where the worlds of rock and electronic collide, piercing the sound spectrum with their own style of psycho ballistic funk, bad ass fat bass, electro mayhem, big guitars, breaks and synth pop vocals. We take five with Craig Hammond as the shit just got serious…



Craig nice to meet you, welcome to DMCWORLD. What are you up to right now, where does the winter sun take you?

In Milton Keynes land right now, all systems go with promoting the new single.

Tell us about the best track to listen to for getting out of bed in the morning, the track that sets you up for the day.

It has to be Mode Selektor, Shipwreck, ultra cool dance rhythms, topped off with the poignant vocals of Thom Yorke.

Fab to hear about your new signing with Wall of Sound, what’s it like working with Mark Jones?

Fun and interesting. Never a dull moment.

Holy Fool comes with a number of different mixes, if they were all of a different mood or time of day, what would they each represent?

The Rory Hoy mix is the retro party track, for drinks with friends. Midnight In The Subway mix is the scary mix, the darkwave track, it has the ambience and fear factor perfect for Halloween or 3 in the morning. We also self-produced our own extended version, to add an extra boost to your breaks and chemical beat mayhem.

Tell us about the new genre that is building right now, how does the rock and electronic mix work, what do you think are the key elements to getting this right?

Getting the fusion right, is all about the tension and building a perfect harmony and angular juxtaposition between the guitars, beats and bass.

An intriguing title, what is the track about?

Holy Fool is about the confusion of religious meanings and what it means to be spiritual and challenging the church rhetoric, when we are all equal, for example Trump portrays a Christian outlook, while creating division in society.

How did you, Stevie Vega and Gary Morland come about? What got you together?

I started Sir-Vere as part of the drum and bass world with Dave Jones (AKA Zed Bias), then we stumbled upon the songwriter Gary Moreland and started brainstorming ideas, where we were brought together with a common love for pioneering this new RDM sound, then along came DJ Stevie Vega and psychoballisicfunk was born.

Tell us about the live show?

Full on RDM madness, energetic, explosive, electronic punkiness.

What clubs have you loved performing at, hanging out at over the years?

Between us we have played clubs from Manumission, to Ministry of Sound, to The Living Lounge in New York City to live shows at the Scala. Out and about some of the best club nights have included: Big Beat Boutique in Brighton, Fabric and of course Sonic Mook Experiment – eclectic, crazy experimental.

For you, what were the best tracks of 2017?

Stand out tracks for 2017 would have to include: FJAAK – ‘Wolves’, Soulwax – ‘It’s Always Binary’ and MSTRKRFT – ‘Priceless’.

What’s on your wish list for 2018?

A mix of blissful happyness, sanity and Sir-Vere mayhem.

What do you have coming up for 2018?

Bubbling through, more singles and the new Psychoballistic Funk album. Festivals, followed by a U.K and U.S tour….