Following on from their highly-coveted new album ‘Human Music’, released back in February, London production duo Solomon Grey have now returned to deliver a collection of new reworks on their latest EP ‘Human Remix’. Featuring remixes from Little Dragon, Nightmares On Wax and Alex Somers, as well as the unreleased secret bonus track ‘Home’, the pair have handpicked their favourite new versions of their remix catalogue and are now unveiling them as a special release via Mercury KX. DMCWORLD checks in…


How’s it going guys? What’s been happening in the build up to this new EP?

All good, just been stamping the white label vinyl for stocking in Rough Trade and getting ready for the release. Still can’t quite believe the names we got on this remix album. We feel very lucky. We are back in the studio writing and getting ready for some more live dates that are coming up.

Tell me why the band is called Solomon Grey?

We have never told the full story, one day. It was mainly just us messing about with names and thinking it would be fun if people thought it was one person. People still call Joe (singer) Solomon from time to time which makes us giggle but it isn’t anyone we know. Apart from the poor guy on twitter (who has the handle @solomongrey) that asked us to stop weirding up his life. Sorry Solomon.

Name your musical influences? Are they both similar or are you both coming from different directions?

We are both from a background of classical and jazz. Both our families played a lot of music in the house but we met playing in a ten-piece funk band. That was our lives for a good few years. Weddings, parties and university balls. Lots of fun. We played everything from Otis Redding to James brown. That was nearly 20 years ago!

We’ve had the pleasure of checking out the Little Dragon remix of your previous single ‘The Game’. How did this collab come about?

I think it was from Hamish our manager. He had some contact details and sent them a copy of Human Music to listen to. Still find it incredible that they connected to the album. They are big idles and one of the main inspirations for what we do. That’s one thing ticked off the bucket list.


Solomon Grey – The Game (Little Dragon Remix)

Why Little Dragon for the remix? Did you choose them yourselves?

Us choose them? We just got lucky, they don’t do many remixes I think. If we could of said anyone to remix Human Music, Little Dragon would be one of them but we wouldn’t of said it because we didn’t think there was a chance.

What else can we expect with the new Remix EP?

Nightmares on Wax, Alex Somers and a something a little secret. We are very proud of this E.P. It has been a lot of work by a lot of people and getting the white label vinyl stocked at Rough Trade is a biggie for us. Hopefully you will hear these tracks if you go out at the weekend. Sadly, we probably won’t hear it in de club, we have kids and the closest we can get is dancing at home with our families.

Favourite piece of studio gear used to record your latest album, ‘Human Music’?

The vocal mic we used, 2247 Peluso. It just raised the game. Beautiful open sound. Even stopped using the reflection shield with it because it sounded better without. I remember us both just smiling at each other when we first started using it. Thanks Matt for lending it to us!

The ultimate musical collaboration for you?

Boards of Canada. Recorded on mars in the first studio complex on the red planet. Sponsored by Space Invaders.

Best piece of advice you have ever been given?

[Joe] Just shut up and get on with it you Arseholes! Uncle Geoffrey, November 1998

If you could take one item to a desert island, what would it be?

Our family? Is that one item?


Solomon Grey – The Game (Little Dragon Remix)

Out Now via Mercury KX (Universal)

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