Sonny Noto

Hailing from Italy but having spent the majority of his career in New York City, Sonny Noto is a dance music producer, songwriter and DJ with a fiercely loyal following around the world. Sonny made a name for himself during his peak-time DJ sets at the iconic Pacha NYC, going on to be signed by Ultra Music and releasing on a range of AAA labels including Sony, Flamingo Records, Zerothree and Staar Traxx. Known for a range of different styles all rooted in electronic, club-focussed music, significant releases include ‘Alive’ on Ultra Music and Intuition in collaboration with Shanahan on Big & Dirty: tracks that have clocked up over 3 millions plays between them on Spotify alone, with support coming in from Tiesto, David Guetta, Afrojack, Above and Beyond, Don Diablo, Tom Staar, Sick Individuals, Morten and many more.

Hey Sonny, how has the year been for you on a personal level?

Well, I am sure its been an interesting year for all of us globally. I’ve been kind of just riding the roller coaster with all the recent changes and lockdowns.

Tell us about your upbringing in Italy… what kind of music were you listening to in your youth?

Most of my Family resides in Italy and my upbringing there was filled with lots of beach time and great food. Summers were so inspirational in regards to music because the clubs and beaches always revolved around the atmosphere and the hits of that particular year. I listened to pretty much everything as I do now but back then it was lots of disco, Daft Punk, house and even some pop stuff.

When did you start pursuing a career in music?

Well I started off as a drummer at the age of like 5 then as a teen I took up Djing. I got my first set up technics turntables at around the age of 15 and have been in love since.

You’ve released on some big labels so far in your career.. any particular professional highlights you’d like to share with us?

Alive, one of my biggest tracks to date was released on Ultra music with a good friend named Ale, and I really love how we were able to collaborate from distances apart and come up with something special.

Any gig in particular that you’ll never forget?

I remember doing a gig at pacha NYC and it was incredible. Everyone there were so into the music and you feel that as an entertainer . That feeling only allows you to be even better as a DJ.

Tell us about your new single Forever… feels like quite a positive trip to us, was that the intention from the outset?

Yes and Yes, lol. I really wanted to make something that people can relate to. I wanted to make music that was super positive being that we are in a global pandemic and the state of the world.

Sonny Noto - "Forever"

What gear did you use to make it? Are you fussy about your setup? 

I use logic x as my DAW. I don’t think I’m fussy: I feel that lots of producers get stuck with trying to have as many options as possible which is great but I also feel that you have to focus on the idea at hand and try to stay on the right path of the track. To be simple is always best, the biggest records in history are simple and it gives the listener a memorable effect.

What’s the single biggest piece of advice you’d give to anyone starting out in a career in electronic music?

Great question. I would simply tell anyone starting out to not be afraid of trying new ideas or genres. You don’t want to get bored of just making the same style over and over and over.

Are you personally still buying music? Or has the lack of gigs stopped that completely now?

I support artists and yes I do still purchase music even though the lack of gigs. I have an extensive library of all sorts and styles of music and I feel its important to support the Artist and even so much more now because I see all the hard work that goes into making a record.

What else you got coming up this year and into 2021?

I have like 3/4 more releases with some super cool labels. Plus I am working on some really cool material that gives me goosebumps lol.

Finally, can you share one tip for surviving the lockdown winter?

Resilience. That is the best term I can give anyone. Keep busy , Keep plugging away at anything you want to accomplish and don’t lose focus.