DMCWORLD checks in with the German producer on fire right now thanks to a barrage of killer releases…


You just launched your own label ‘The Power House’. Why did you feel the need to set up your own imprint rather than releasing with others?

First, the music is a big factor. We’re just really unique with our sound and doing our own thing and it’s always been difficult to be different. We felt the need to address that and give our sound its own home. For the last three years we’ve collected a lot of experience about how we feel a label should be run, and seen a lot of factors about how we could improve on what others are already doing. From that, we want to not only release music in the interest of the label, but also take on our artists and put them as the focus as a product, using the music as the advertising for them to stand out as an act.

What kind of music will define the label? Any artists in particular that you’re looking to work with or have lined up already?

Power House stands for high energy house music that sits right in between the mainstream and the underground. We already have tracks lined up together with Dean Mason, Stravy, Wolsh, and Glen Dale, with some more surprises along the way. We’re looking to establish a core group of artists that truly represent our sound and share our core values. And the hope is to grow our own family.

The ‘Power House’ sound is something that you’re pushing as your own genre – what makes it different from other types of house and are there other artists that have a similar sound to you?

It’s definitely more aggressive than what is considered groove house at the moment. We aren’t that happy of a vibe, we’re a little bit more of the old school progressive rave sound, but with a more pumping low end. The sound design is influenced by tech house, but the energy is more festival friendly and mainstage appropriate. To put it in perspective, I think we are not as kick driven as traditional big room EDM, we’re more driving music, keeping the energy up, and focusing on our low end — a pumping progressive bassline sound. Of course we’re highly influenced by what’s going on at the moment and sound design and arrangement wise I really like Boris Brejcha and Fancy Inc, but honestly I feel we are a bit unconventional and that there aren’t many artists that have the same sound as I do.

You have a new single out, ‘Right Now’ – tell us a little bit about it and how it came together.

“Right Now” is now my second collaboration with the super talented Mexican producer Mojavee and I’m really happy we have another track coming out together to follow up on “Pina Colada.” In general the track is really about living in the moment, repeating “Right Now, Right Now,” and has a really cool groove to it. It’s tech-y, quite driving, and I’m excited to see it make an impact before Miami.

You’ve collaborated with Mojavee before – what is it about his style and working process that made you want to work with him a second time?

Both our tracks came together at the same time honestly. We’ve been exchanging music for a while now, and after he started his new solo project, he sent me a bunch of sketches. I really felt a few had some real potential, but weren’t quite there, so I took them on and I’m really happy with the results.

Tell us a bit about your studio gear list – what can’t you live without, and what piece of kit would you love to get your hands on that you don’t have now?

We’re using Cubase, the latest version 9.5, and starting to use Bitwig for the creative process because it’s way more modular and more fun to play around with honestly. Gearwise currently we’re using the Bering Truth B20-31a and the Adam A7Xs. I’ve been fighting for the last fourth months to get my absolute favorite speakers into the studio, Adam S3Hs, and have had huge issues with the importation, but we hope to get them soon and can’t wait to rock them in the studio!

You’re based out in Bali and play quite heavily across China – how important of a market is it, and do you think it’s even been tapped properly yet?

The market is huge. Production wise it’s unbelievable. The amount of money flowing into that market is unprecedented. There are new clubs it seems every single week with bigger sound systems, bigger light systems, and with bigger LED screens than most of the major clubs in Europe. Slowly but surely after going there for the last four years, you can see the Chinese musical taste opening up and becoming tolerant to more genres other than just big room like it used to be. From the first time I’ve gone there, I’ve always tried to educate people with my sets and show people where electronic music culturally is coming from.

What are the Chinese venues and crowds like?

The crowds can be difficult honestly, a mixture between young rave kids and older table culture. It can be very frustrating to play in China or it can be fucking amazing. It’s definitely a difficult crowd to play to and tests your skills as a DJ.

You’re going to be in Miami for Music Week – what do you have planned and where can we catch you?

I’m so excited for Miami Music Week this year. I’ll be down there for quite some time, from the 16-26 and everything kicks off with the Aqua Beach Pool Party at the Delano on the 17th. I’m really excited for that event, a great lineup including CID, Dean Mason, and NXNY so if you’re out in Miami early be sure to come out then. I can’t reveal many of the other dates right now, but I can say you can catch me Sunday, the 25th at the W hotel for the Sosumi Pool Party where I’ll be doing a special hour long b2b with Dean Mason. We also have some really big surprises and IDs making the rounds in Miami this year and I might even be making a special stage appearance!

What else have you got coming up?

So much music is on the way!! “Right Now” is out now on PinkStar, then I have a really nice club record “Feel The Rhythm” out on Whore House March 9, and finally my collaboration with Dean Mason – “Rock The Beat” which is the second release on The Power House drops Monday, March 19th! I’ve also got a few really special IDs you’ll have to come out to my sets to hear! Brand wise, we’ve been hard at work on my new clothing line and if you follow along on my Instagram you can get a sneak peak at some of the pieces. I’ll also be rocking some of the new gear this month so all the more reason to check me out in Miami!! Touring wise, once MMW wraps up, I’m heading home to Bali and then I’m off to Thailand for a nice run of shows in April! Really exciting few months ahead!!

‘Right Now’ is out now on the EDX label ‘PinkStar…