The Him

Amsterdam-based The Him are back with yet another stunning piece of production. Their new single titled ‘Broken Love’, featuring Parson James, is the duo’s first solo release on Spinnin’ Records since recently signing an exclusive deal with the label…


Hi Steven & Jeroen! Thanks for chatting with us! What have you both been up to lately?

Thanks for having us! We did so much cool stuff lately. We produced a lot of new music. Went for to Asia for the first time and now we are working 3 days in Stockholm (Sweden) to write new music.

Your new single ‘Broken Love’ featuring Parson James is out now. For those yet to press play on the release, what can you tell us about this release?

Last year we were talking about what we wanted to release on Spinnin Records. Broken Love was still one of our favorites. We wrote it a while ago and it came all together after our mgmt hooked us up with Parson James. We recorded it in LA and here we are!

For anyone not already familiar with the music you create together, how would you describe your style? Can you put your finger on the elements of your music that makes it so engaging and distinctive?

It’s a combination of pop songs and electronic production. Its usually got a lot of harmonies and emotional drops. Its makes you dance!

How did your musical career started? When did dance music come into your lives?

Steven: For me when I started playing the guitar when I was 8. Dance music came in to my live when I was 16. I went to parties like Innercity in the Amsterdam Rai. It was huge for that time and Techno music and Hardstyle was upcoming in the Netherlands.

Jeroen: I always played instruments growing up and then discovered electronic music and DJing when I was about 18 years old. That made me want to make my own music so I started producing and learning more and more about it.

What music are you listening to yourselves currently?

Steven: Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Volcano Choir, Selah Sue

Jeroen: Bon Iver, Tame Impala, Mumford and Sons.

What is your musical guilty pleasure?

Steven: Dancing with my niece on the Dutch/Belgium pop group K3 (please don’t check it out)

Jeroen: Call Me All by Paul Simon

What are your current top 5 favorite songs?

Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa – One Kiss
Childish Gambino – This Is America
Zedd – The Middle
Youngblood – 5 Seconds Of Summer
Paul Simon – Call Me All

You have been touring a lot. What can we expect from The Him this summer?

We are excited for this summer! We play Sziget, Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza and Ibiza to name a few. Hit us up on Instagram so we can meet you on one of these festivals.

What are your favorite destinations? Touring wise and holiday wise.

Steven: Well I really enjoyed Asia but it’s not my temperature haha. I like the swiss alps to do a little bit of skiing and eat some knäckebröd and drink some beers!

Jeroen: I was just in Valencia for a little weekend holiday. What a beautiful place!

How do you unwind from touring and producing music?

Have some dinner with friends and family and watching some Netflix after is doing the job for both of us!


The Him – ‘Broken Love’ (featuring Parson James)
Out now on Spinnin’ Records