UK DJ / producer Third Son has been turning heads with his stunning portfolio of divine productions. His works have graced labels such as Noir Music, Sincopat, Einmusika, Selador, Stil Vor Talent, Traum Schallplatten and Definitive Recordings, as well as running the forward thinking theme driven Polymath label . Just back from a series of gigs in Europe, Ratha Gud checks in for a chin wag with the busy innovator…

Hi Joe, welcome to DMCWORLD, where are you in the world right now?

I just returned home from a short tour of Berlin and Amsterdam.


What was the first piece of music you heard today after rolling out of bed?

Bee Gees – ‘You Win Again’. My girlfriend always has Mellow Magic on in the morning…


You’ve been producing a miriad of creative dance music for a number of years now, who or what turned you on to making music?

Hard to say. I was in bands for a number of years growing up. Feeling sorry for myself as an emotive teenager was probably where I got my first taste.


What’s your background, were you musically trained?

I was. Piano, Guitar and…Clarinet.


Your powerful new ‘Melancholia’ release is dropping this week Polymath, tell us a little about your interpretation of the theme and what you set out to achieve with it musically?

I like to write for these themes without intellectualising it too much. The track itself is obviously minor in key, and the BPM is relatively slow for me, but the interesting part is in the final section, where just a few sombre chords turn the track into something quite a powerful.


There are also interpretations from newcomers Kincaid and Roboturner, tell us a little about them and their versions of ‘Melancholia’?

Kincaid’s idea is inspiring. And this is where it’s important for new guys to come along and be given a platform. He’s actually not new to production, or the music industry in general, but I predict he’ll be recognised pretty quickly under his new alias.
I am Roboturner. Don’t tell anyone.


Despite being still only 7 months old, Polymath has quickly earned a strong reputation as a hub of real innovation, tell us a bit more about the artists you’ve signed and your slightly diverse A&R approach?

Well I tend to invite artists who’s music I love to write a theme for us, but anyone is welcome to send music and I’m always happy to listen. So far we’ve had great artists like Finnebassen, Einmusik and Digitaria, but also some great up and comers like Fathers and Anii.


You’ve also got wonderful sleeve art, commissioning real artists, tell us more?

Thanks! The first 5 releases we did came from a friend – Victoria Boyle. Her stuff is quite experimental, which reflects the idea of the label well. The series of artworks come from US based collage artist Bryan Olsen. His stuff is really influential in that world so I’m happy to be working with him.


Have you any plans to take the Polymath brand one step further and create club nights and tours?.. Ibiza maybe?

My lips are sealed.


Third Son releases on lots of other great labels such as Noir Music, Sincopat, Einmusika, Stil vor Talent and Definitive Recordings, why as an artist is it important to do so when you already have your own imprint?

It’s important to reach people, and building a label with a significant following takes time. Also, Polymath is kind of an experiment for the time being.


Have you got a personal favourite Polymath release?

Finnebassen – ‘Soul’


What’s the favourite part of your job, Djing, producing or creative A&Ring?

Producing, 100%.


Do you pay much attention to the Jones’ when it comes to current musical styles and trends or do you just do your own thing?

It’s important to me to be original, which is a hard thing to achieve.


Who or what are your biggest influencers?

Barack Obama.


What are your top 5 tracks of the moment?

Johannes Brecht, Christian Prommer – Voix Grave (Joahnnes Brecht Version)
Kincaid – Melancholia
Marconi Union – Weightless Part 1
Kiko – Onze
Trikk – Florista


Name a record that makes you say “damn, I wish I made that!” ?

Rodriguez Jr. – ‘Petropolis’


Who was the last DJ you danced to?

Denis Horvat


What events/festivals are you most looking forward to this year?

I’m mostly looking forward to playing with Stephan Bodzin and Gardens Of God in London in April.


Finally what’s coming next from Third Son?

My Polymath release, ‘Melancholia’, of course. Then more music is coming out on Upon.You and Noir Music and I’m also looking forward to remixing my first classical piece of music.

Melancholia-Artwork‘Melancholia’ will be released on Beatport exclusive on February 10th / Full release February 24th 2017.

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