Building a reputation for themselves as one of the most exciting label and event brands in the south of England, Sense Traxx have proved themselves to have a keen ear for new talent, and their latest EP from Tobias proves this. Moving away from the norm, the Fiya Bun EP features two distinctively different tracks from Tobias that straddle multiple genres – with both tracks securing serious chart success and DJ support, we caught up with Tobias to find out more…


For those not in the know, what kind of music can we expect to hear from Tobias?

HI! Anything house and techno with a funky bassline and a catchy vocal hook!

Your new EP ‘Fiya Bun’ is pretty eclectic – what made you pick two very different tracks to put out together as one EP?

Thanks! To be honest I originally sent 3 tracks over to the label and I expected them to pick the other track ‘Loco’ to sit with Fiya Bun, but the guys at Sense decided to go with The Funk, which I’m glad they did as they’ve both done amazingly well.

Dare we ask…which track is your favourite?

I could never answer that ha-ha as both have been HUGE hits in the clubs when I’ve played them!

You’ve obviously got a broad production style – are there any producers which stick out as being a main source of inspiration?

Currently, the guys at Fuse are a huge inspiration for me as you can feel their garage / speed garage background influencing their productions, and they somehow come out with this cool minimal house sound with amazing flow! Their releases are blowing my mind at the minute.

From been a youngster everyone from Kerri Chandler to Dr Dre has influenced the style I have created now. Everyone has that one track which ticks all the boxes for them, no matter what situation you hear it in – what’s yours?

Wow…I have at least 10 of those that tick all the boxes for me, but for today I’m feeling “Lovebirds – Want you in my soul”. That track will work anyplace, anywhere and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Your new EP is out on Sense Traxx – what has it been like working with the guys there?

Easily one of the best labels I’ve worked with. As I’m still an up-and-coming DJ/Producer it’s been nice to have a label trying to help your career out, instead of just thinking about their label. So yes 10/10 for the guys at Sense!
Picking the right label is really important, what do you look for in a label when signing your music?
For sure! I look at their background of releases, the artists they’ve worked with in the past and look to see if this label can really help my career in this tough industry.

There are so many platforms and ways to put your music out these days, and everyone has their own measure of success – what do you look to achieve from your own releases?

I’m just looking to produce and release music I enjoy, I’m not trying to follow any crowd or sound. I’m just here to do my own thing, hopefully other people will enjoy my sound just as much as me and one day I could do the thing I love full time.

And finally, what else can we expect to see from you over the rest of the year?

Expect plenty more releases from myself… I’m in talks with some nice labels but can’t say just yet. I also have some very nice DJ bookings in the pipeline – it kicks off this month with Mint Festival September 23rd in Leeds where I’ll be playing in the Knee Deep In Sound tent alongside Hot Since 82, Sasha and many more!!

Tobias – Fiya Bun EP is out now on Sense Traxx