Tommie Sunshine

Exclusive! New York legend kicked off decks by ‘club owner’

This weekend Tommie Sunshine was taken off the decks at WIP in Manhattan half way through his set and told by club management that he needed to play “more commercial music with softer drops and more vocals”.

Tommie Sunshine picks up the story…

It was a record release party for my remix of Faustix & Imanos “Ambulance” on Strictly Rhythm and the date had already been moved twice as the club didn’t promote it properly. I got stuck on the Brooklyn Bridge for (no kidding) two hours on the way to dinner in the city before heading to my gig. I dropped my Daniela at Mister H where she dances and then had to walk from Mister H to WIP in the rain because of no cabs.

I arrived and started to play, spinning the most commercial as I ever play. The “owner” started in at my second record asking for “more commercial music with softer drops and more vocals” – bear in mind the track the release party was for has NO VOCALS !

I was then informed that they were “hearing from clients they weren’t digging it and thought it was too hard.” I had been playing Swedish House Mafia, a Ke$ha remix, the Pitbull track in the new Bud Light commercial, Avicii and some fun bootlegs.

Halfway into my set I was informed that I was being taken off the decks whilst I was standing with Akshay from MTV and my booking agent Cody from AM Only. We all had a good laugh about it because everyone is now an expert of this music, especially the ones who pay BIG $ to consume it – not to mention the clowns who supposedly “run” clubs.

WIP also gave the 5 people I put on the guest list a huge hassle for not coming with girls and tried to sell them bottles for entrance to the club. They also wouldn’t take care of drink tickets for my agent at AM Only, the promotional director of Strictly Rhythm, Nick from The Disco Fries and Kevin who runs my label, Brooklyn Fire. Basically their #1 priority is their “clients” who spend money in bottle service and what they say dictates the music direction. The DJs who have to play to people who act this way don’t deserve this kind of abuse. Not only will I never play there again but they have a huge mountain to climb for pissing off AM Only who sent them both Skrillex and Wolfgang Gartner for shows there. They have pretty much spit in mine and my agent’s faces.

I wish them luck & I feel sorry for anyone who has to play there. This is not what this music is about.
This is not what I am about.

That is my story and I’m sticking to it.
– T.