Trainspotting With Andrew Sant

Australian based UK producer, DJ and remixer Andrew Sant, also known as The Sweet Fantastic, has been releasing records on labels such as 3am, Kolour, Tarantic, ClubStar and Miss Moneypenny’s for over 15 years. Most recently working as part of the Ramrock / F*CLR family, he has begun collaborating with artists such as Maxine Scott and Kameelah Waheed, with more in the pipeline. Following his brilliant release ‘Hypnotisin’ (Get Down) as ‘The Sweet Fantastic’ on F*CLR records last year, he’s delivered a fantastic new remix of Bon Voyage’s ‘High Power’ single for the label. DMCWorld goes Trainspotting with Andrew Sant.

Hot Toddy featuring Karen Harding – So Good To Me (Extended Mix) – Glitterbox

I’ve been buying Hot Toddy records for over a decade now and love his signature groove – deep groove tracks layered with warm lush piano. This is classic Hot Toddy with a beautiful vocal from Karen Harding.

Hot Toddy featuring Karen Harding - So Good To Me (Extended Mix)

Domo Domo – Happening In The Streets (Domo Domo Rework) – Vega Records

I use this record in my DJ sets as a nice counterpoint to change up the rhythm from the standard 4/4. Reminiscent of the NuYorican Soul album from the 90’s.

Happening In The Streets (Domo Domo Rework)

Made By Pete & Zoe Kypri – Horizon Red (Black Coffee Remix) – Crosstown Rebels

I love the original of this record. Hits in all the right places for me. Percussive, groove led, hypnotic and Zoe’s vocal is incredible. Black Coffee takes it even deeper and sprinkles his magic all over it. Sublime!

77:78 Love Said (Wallace & Morris ‘North Street’ Vocal Rework) – Ramrock Red

If Ray Manzarak hung out with America and Jo Wallace in Ramsgate.  Beautiful late 70’s California psychedelia.

Love Said (Wallace & Morris 'North Street' Vocal Rework)

Bon Voyage x Andrew Sant – High Power (Andrew Sant Remix) – F*CLR

My inspiration for this remix was a Colleen Cosmo Murphy DJ set. I wanted to capture that futuristic electronic disco vibe.

High Power (Andrew Sant Vocal Remix)

Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange ft Wayne Snow – Take Your Time – Secretsundaze

I’ve been a fan of Wayne Snow for a while now. Love the deep trippy laid back vibes on this one.

Fiona Kraft  – Deeper Feelings (Manoo The Remix / Piano) Connected Frontlines

Really into the hypnotic afro sound at the moment. And Manoo is up there with the best of them.

Deeper Feelings (Manoo the Remix / Piano Interpretation by Bacanito)

Craig C ft RaShaan Houston – The Lord Is Blessing Me DC Lord Is Blessing This Vamp – Craig C Recordings

Derrick Carter on the mix. Bumpin’ Chicago house gospel style. Reminds me of many a lost Saturday night at the Redlight, Sankey’s Soap in Manchester circa 2002-2005.

The Lord Is Blessing Me (DC Lord Is Blessing This Vamp)

Alison Goldfrapp – So Hard So Hot (Original Mix) Skint Records

Love the bass line on this one with Goldfrapp’s vocals floating across the groove.

Alison Goldfrapp - So Hard So Hot (Video Vignette)

Alexander Church ft Rebekah –  Unexpected Encounters (Nolan Remix) Configurations Of Self

DEEEEEP. Something a little bit different – really interesting percussion on this. I love the deep and spacey textures on this layered with Rebekah’s emotive vocal. Works really well.

Unexpected Encounters (Nolan Remix)

Bon Voyage ‘High Power’ (The 2023 Rework – Andrew Sant Remix) EP is out now on F*CLR.